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organise your wedding in one year wedding list

Organise your wedding in one year: a short guide by points

At the Odescalchi Stables we have organized many weddings, that’s why in this article we want to share our experience with the newlyweds, through this mini guide that can be printed and used as a reminder so as not to forget anything.


The first things to do

The very first decision to be taken to organise a marriage in a year is, of course, the date. Once the wedding date has been set, two great dilemmas arrive: where to celebrate the wedding? And where to celebrate?

If you intend to celebrate a Catholic marriage it is appropriate to choose the church where you want to perform the function. If this is not the parish of one of the spouses, it is necessary to ask the permission of the parish priest.

If you prefer a civil marriage, it is necessary to make contact with the municipality of residence and set the appointment for the so-called “promise of marriage”, during which the municipal representative will check the documents of the future spouses and agree to set the date of the ceremony. If you choose a municipality other than the one in which you reside, you will also need to apply for a permit in this case.
In both cases, the date for “matrimonial publications” should be fixed with the municipality.

The Odescalchi Stables have a special collaboration with the church of Santa Maria del Riposo, always free for the bride and groom who choose our structure.

The Stables also offer the possibility of marrying with the authentic civil rite, thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Bracciano.

  1. Once the date has been set, the ritual and the place have been chosen, it is necessary to draw up a list of guests to get an idea of the number of participants.
  2. With the list of guests in hand you can start to search for the place that will host the reception.
  3. At this point the bride can start searching for the dress.
  4. Choose the wedding witnesses and finally choose and book the catering or restaurant.

For the bride and groom who choose our structure we offer a range of catering companies able to satisfy any request, from the menu to the preparation.



  1. Look for and choose the flower decorators.
  2. Look for a good photographer.

N.B. If you choose to celebrate marriage with a Catholic rite you should also attend the pre-matrimonial course, which usually lasts about two months. Take into account this time frame to arrive prepared for your wedding day. 



  1. The bride must have chosen the dress so as to give the tailor all the time necessary for packaging.
  2. After having dealt with the practical dress, you can focus on other important details such as music, and eventually choose a DJ, a cover band or maybe, as already happened here at the Odescalchi Stables, a small orchestra.



  1. Confirm the photographer.
  2. Confirm the musicians.
  3. Order the floral decorations.
  4. If you have chosen religious marriage, at the end of the premarital course the parish priest will give you a form. With this you can go together for the “promise of marriage”; from now on you have six months to marry. The municipality will post the publications for about two weeks.
  5. If you want to have a particular car or other means of transport, it is time to look for a specialized car hire.

The Odescalchi Stables are able to offer the newlyweds a wide range of solutions for floral decorations, installations, photographers and music, just ask and choose, without tiring research.



  1. It’s time for the groom to look for his outfit.
  2. The time has come to think about the honeymoon.
  3. Establish a precise list of guests.
  4. Choose wedding favors for guests at the reception and for acquaintances, and participations.
  5. Ask the witnesses for the final confirmation.
  6. For guests coming from far away, prepare useful information on how to reach the place of the ceremony that you will send with the invitation.
  7. If you want to spend the first night at the hotel you must book your room.

The Odescalchi Stables are able to offer a shuttle service from Fiumicino, or another agreed place, to take guests directly to our hotel.



  1. The groom chooses the bouquet of flowers for the bride.
  2. The groom orders his ceremony dress.
  3. Choose your hair salon and book it for the date.
  4. Order wedding rings.
  5. Withdraw your wedding favors and participations.
  6. Buy the appropriate underwear for the ceremony (for yourself).
  7. Confirm the rental of the car.
  8. Fill out the wedding list.



  1. Try out your clothes and buy the necessary accessories.
  2. Send out invitations and invitations.
  3. Deposit the wedding list.
  4. Define any pages or bridesmaids for the ceremony.
  5. Define the reception menu and wedding cake.



  1. For the bride it’s time to try makeup and hairstyle.
  2. Withdraw the faiths (it is the task of the groom or of the witnesses).
  3. If you have planned musicians, define with them the pieces to play during the reception.
  4. The groom withdraws the dress.
  5. Define all the details of the day and confirm the delivery time for flowers, cars, etc.
  6. If you wish, organise a farewell to celibacy and a farewell to clouds.
  7. Confirm the exact number of guests in the restaurant and ask for confirmation from those who have not yet done so.



Two weeks and some more details

  1. Organize the tables at the reception and give disposition to the restaurant.
  2. Confirm date and place to the photographer.
  3. Prepare the necessary for the honeymoon.
  4. Confirm the date and place of the DJ or music group.
  5. Organize the latest personal care (manicure, pedicure, etc.).
  6. Choose and purchase the gift/remembrance for your wedding witnesses.

Three days to the big day

The bride’s dress arrives.

One day before

  1. Deliver the wedding favors to the place of reception.
  2. Try to sleep!

Weddign day

  1. Appointment with a hairdresser and make-up artist.
  2. Flower delivery.

And finally the following days or after the return from the honeymoon

Send thanks to those who have sent you their wishes or a gift within two months of their wedding.


Well, we have come to the end of the list of things to do to organize the wedding in a year. Obviously we would like to point out that each married couple will be free to choose how much to follow the indications contained in this guide. We can only tell you that, if you decide to follow these points, the planning of your wedding will be a guaranteed success.

If you want to know all the solutions proposed by the Odescalchi Stables book an appointment by filling in the form below or contacting us at the following numbers: +39 06.9988152 – cell. +39 347.0330807. We will be happy to help you organize your wedding!

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