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Wedding in Italy: get married on the lake Bracciano

Already thinking about your wedding? This article could be the right one for you. If you are also looking for the ideal location for a wedding in Italy, then you happened to be in the right place! Italy, with its innumerable architectural and landscape beauties, has always been one of the most appreciated countries in the world to celebrate such a special day. There are many Italian destinations chosen ad hoc by foreigners. Typical landscapes such as those of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio are often considered among the most suitable to celebrate the perfect wedding in Italy.

As you may already know, in recent decades several illustrious personalities have organized their wedding day in Italy, fascinated by the elegance and beauty of Italian landscapes. One of the most famous cases was that of Tom Cruise, who chose Lake Bracciano, a few kilometres from Rome, as the splendid setting for his marriage to Katie Holmes.


Wedding in Italy: choose the right location for your wedding day

Famous cases aside, the beauty of Lake Bracciano and the nature that surrounds it has now reached international fame. Today there are more and more couples in the world who choose to marry in Italy, opting for peaceful surroundings, rich in vegetation, away from the chaos of big cities.

The Ancient Odescalchi Stables, located right next to Lake Bracciano, are still one of the most sought after places for a wedding worthy of its name. Our structure, immersed in the green of the Roman Countryside, offers the possibility to fully experience the surrounding large natural spaces. In addition, the estate has a closed space consisting of three large rooms. The versatility of these spaces allows us to meet the needs of both those who prefer to organize a reception, with a few guests, and those who want to invite a large number of people.

We remind you that at the Odescalchi Stables it is possible to get married in winter. As this is a location with a rather mild climate throughout the year, you can choose a winter day for your special day. The welcoming atmosphere, the lit fireplaces, the elegant structure and the well-kept furnishings are all elements that will give the reception a unique charm. You will therefore disprove the false myth that weddings are celebrated in spring and, indeed, you will organize an extremely innovative and original event.


Religious marriage

After a long period of restoration, which began about forty years ago with the funds raised by the Cultural Association Forum Clodii, has finally been reopened for religious celebrations the beautiful church of Santa Maria del Riposo. Considered the most beautiful and important church in the area of Bracciano, Santa Maria del Riposo is located on the slopes of the lake. The Ancient Odescalchi Stables offer married couples the opportunity to celebrate religious marriage within this artistic jewel, thanks to the direct management in collaboration with the association of reference.

matrimonio in italia lago di bracciano

However, the surroundings of Lake Bracciano offer many other possibilities for the celebration of the wedding ritual: some examples are the churches of Santa Maria Novella and San Liberato, or the Cathedral of St. Stephen. Identifying the church that best suits your needs is easy. To find out more, just click here and consult the appropriate section of our website.


Authentic civil ceremony

Instead, if it is your intention to celebrate a secular wedding, the Odescalchi Stables are still the right place for you: for years in fact we have been organizing for married couples the authentic civil ceremony on site, enhancing for you the beautiful setting of our estate.


Ancient Odescalchi Stables: weddings and more…

The Ancient Odescalchi Stables are, as already mentioned, the ideal place for those who have in mind to get married in Italy. However, they are an ideal location to host many other types of important events: christening receptions, communion and confirmation, corporate events, rallies, congresses, meetings, sporting events, film sets and much more. All you have to do is choose which event to celebrate, and we’ll take care of the rest. Nothing will be left to chance: our staff will take care of organising everything down to the smallest detail.



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