Sugarcoated almonds: a tradition that comes from afar

The Italian “confetti” (sugarcoated almonds), which today are available in various shapes, colors and flavors have a long tradition, which even dates back to ancient Rome, where they were used to celebrate births and weddings. This little bonbon consists of a central part that can be almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios or filled with various types of chocolate or fruit, covered with a layer of sugar. The covering is achieved by rolling the core with covered sugar copper containers, after wetting it with some syrup.

Today’s sugared almonds

In addition to the traditional white colour, other colours have been added over time for use in several occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, a baptism, a communion or an anniversary, it is always pleasant to leave at the end of the reception a small gift to the guests. The colour, the number and the ingredients chosen for the sugared almonds to be given, vary according to the type of event, but also to the
and the taste of the celebrated. In recent years, in fact, the varieties available have become many, just to meet the needs and tastes of everyone.
 On what occasions are they used? Let’s find out together…

 At each event its own sugarcoated almond!
The convention wants you to choose a precise colour for each event. Let’s some examples: for weddings, communions and confirmations the colour indicated is white, symbol of purity. For the silver wedding, silver will be chosen unequivocally, as well as gold for the golden wedding. Blue and pink are suitable for baptisms, for depending on whether the baptized child is a boy or a girl.

But the use of sugared almonds does not stop here; they are also used in occasion of graduation parties, in that case the colour chosen is red, and for birthday parties, where multicoloured sugared almonds predominate, giving space to creativity.


Variety of flavours

The variety of sugared almonds goes far beyond colour. Today you can choose from a wide range of flavours. Almonds can be replaced by hazelnuts, pistachios, etc. The chocolate in the filling can be dark, milk or white. Over the years, the world of pastry has had the opportunity to create new recipes by experimenting with different tastes such as coconut, lemon, orange, berries, strawberry, and the aroma of spices like vanilla and cinnamon.
 Let’s say that in the subject of sugarcoated almonds you are really spoiled for choice!


How they are packed

During receptions, candies can be donated to guests by placing them in bags or favours and the number, always odd, varies according to criteria that respect a specific etiquette. The packages that can be made are numerous, from the most traditional to the most creative, and experts in the field will help you choose the one that best reflects your tastes.

 For wedding receptions the criteria in choosing the number of sugared almonds are as follows: five (symbol of fertility, good health, enduring life, happiness and wealth); three (indicating the two members of the couple and the future child); one (uniqueness of the event).
The single candy can be packaged to be used as a placeholder, while bags and favours are usually given to guests at the end of the reception.


Candies and cake buffet

The sugared almonds are not only good they are also beautiful, so they can become the protagonists of a buffet dedicated to them, as in the case of the so-called candies, or inserted as part of a dessert buffet. In the buffet receptions can be included in the Candy Bar.
 The table dedicated to desserts, which also includes candies, and delicious pastries. The color of the sugared almonds will obviously be adequate to the layout. We will therefore opt for white in the case of classic and elegant, while for more original settings you can give space to imagination and creativityenriching the tables with colors and shades.

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