The choice of wedding rings: a magnificent dilemma

Wedding rings represent the tangible and stainless symbol of the bond that brings two people together. Unlike other elements such as flowers, the dress and decorations, they are destined to last and revive the magic of marriage day after day. That’s why it’s important to choose them carefully. Colours, metals, shapes, decorations: every detail can vary according to the tastes and personality of the bride and groom. That small shiny circle, which in many cultures surrounds the left ring finger from which, according to the ancient Egyptians, the vena amoris unfolded, is not only an aesthetic embellishment, but a symbol of trust and reciprocity. Of course the options vary for men and women, but they can be made in a coordinated style.



Metals and colours

Undoubtedly, yellow gold wedding rings are a timeless classic. 99% pure 24-carat gold is still the first choice for many future brides and grooms. In recent years, however, many couples have favoured the less flamboyant tones of white gold, obtained from an alloy between yellow gold and other materials such as manganese or palladium, particularly suitable for the gem mounting. Also trendy is 18-carat pink gold, 75% of which is gold, 20% copper and 5% silver. For lovers of cool colours, who prefer pure metals to alloys, the most precious choice is certainly platinum.


Designs and shapes

Classic, Umbrian, Etruscan, woven, inlaid, flat, octagonal, with a single gem or paved with diamonds: there are wedding rings for all tastes and for all shapes. If you prefer an essential style and have small, tapered fingers, a delicate French style will be the ideal choice. If your partner has large and vigorous hands, nothing is better than an important pelmet, about 5/6 mm high. If you are whimsical and original, you can opt for a custom inlaid faith, more conspicuous, but certainly impressive. Suggestive and richly worked the Sardinian style wedding ring, a jewel symbol of prosperity, the result of the skill of craftsmen. Legend has it that this type of ring was the work of the Janas fairies, magical creatures that populated Sardinian mythology.




The most effective way to customize wedding rings is to have them engraved. The traditional engraving is made inside the ring and shows the name of the spouse and the date of the wedding. However, the latest trends lead to the immortalisation on the metal of romantic phrases or symbols depicting union and mutual love. The choice of font for the writing should be considered, because over time the engraving may tend to disappear. It is better to opt, therefore, for a capital font, clearer and more marked.

Obviously, the choice of wedding rings is only one of many tasks that a couple is going to do before taking their wedding vows. That’s why we have created a useful guide to points that can help you plan your wedding, setting the timing and priorities to follow so that everything is perfect.

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