“Natural Chic” Weddings: veggie, vegans and raw food menus

More and more people decide to pursue a meatless diet or to exclude any animal byproducts, for health reasons, ethical reasons or simply for a green choice.
When setting up a wedding banquet, it is important not to overlook the guests’ needs, and take several factors into consideration, by proposing sophisticated and tasty menus planned ad hoc for the occasion, so to satisfy sight and taste.

If newlyweds in the first instance are the ones pursuing a specific dietary regime, the choice of the menu could be the drive for the entire celebration, by donating an evocative “natural chic” touch to every detail: from the choice of the location to all the wedding features; from the patterns for the decorations and party favors, up to the fabrics to manufacture the wedding dress.



The reasons for the “green” diet

According to the 2018 Eurispes Report, people preferring a vegetarian or vegan diet represent in Italy the 7%. The most part of them (38,5%), decide not to consume meat or other animal byproducts for their specific positive effects on health, while others for respect and sensitivity towards animals (20,5%).
Others declare to embrace this lifestyle for ethical and philosophical reasons, to eat better, or to save the planet. Furthermore, the 32,1% of vegetarians or vegans state to “add to this type of diet, also raw food nutrition, which does not include any consumption of processed food, thus specifically untransformed foods not subjected to any cooking process”.

Veggie, vegan or raw food menus for a sumptuous wedding banquet

To realize vegetarian or vegan menus, without having to trade off the sumptuosity of the wedding banquet, modern Chefs bet on colors and savors naturally offered by Mother Nature, realizing tasty dishes enriched by impeccable attractiveness and sense of beauty.
Even the most faithful consumers of traditional menus such as meat or fish, end up appreciating the sophisticated mains when it comes to vegetarian Haute Cuisine: fine mains liven up with fresh fruits or vegetables (such as the classic risotto with strawberries and champagne); second courses made with seitan and legumes; exquisite desserts with a fruit base, chocolate and nondairy milk (coconut, almond, etc..).
In raw food menus, traditional pasta can be replaced by fanciful vegetable juliennes, dairy products by almond-based preparations, and starters by colorful fruit skewers.Some incredible examples for this can be found in several photos taken at the ceremony of the Shifu Masters ShiHengChan and ShiHengDing, responsible for the Shaolin Cultural Center in Milan, which had a marvelous wedding cake made with roses.




Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: a celebration in harmony with nature

Dipped in the green of the Roman country, in the proximity of Bracciano Lake, Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi it’s a wonderful stately home surrounded by marvelous gardens, two spring waters, and a brook.
The “Vigna Grande” Estate, property of the whole facility, include meadows, woods and greenery ranging from 8.000 to 120.000 MQ.
Perfect for those dreaming of an unforgettable and sophisticated wedding in “green” style, the Facility offers, apart from traditional menus of superior quality, also sophisticated vegetarian, vegan and raw food wedding menus, accompanied and enriched by country chic, shabby chic, and boho chic setups and features.

To set up an appointment, please refer to the following contacts: +39 06.9988152 – mobile +39 347.0330807.
We will be more than happy to help you out with the creation of your unforgettable wedding in natural chic style enriched by an extraordinary menu ad hoc.

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