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Winter wedding: an original and poetic choice

More and more couples are charmed by the winter wedding, both for reasons of originality, and for reasons of opportunity, linked to the chance of having more options for the choice of location and destination of the honeymoon.
At Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, thanks to the beauty of the natural scenery and the suggestive charm of the historical residence, with its large internal rooms and two fireplaces, you can organize a splendid and memorable winter wedding.



The choice of the theme
Surely, assuming that there is a ceremony in winter, the first thought goes to the Christmas theme. The warm tones of red and gold can be emphasized with lights, candles and stylish decorations, to recreate the intimate and familiar atmosphere of the festivities.

If you love the enchanted purity and understated atmospheres of snowy landscapes, you can indulge in cold tones and crystals, using shades ranging from optical white, to silver, to ice blue. Those who prefer the natural chic style can opt for endless combinations, combining the lightness of raw fabrics, the transparency of glass and the warmth of wood. 



The bride’s look
By playing with fabrics and accessories, the bride will be a perfect winter queen. Bolero jackets, capes and coat dresses are able to create an unusual and fascinating look, to be completed with gloves and ankle boots, if necessary. And for those who love the vintage style, it’s the perfect time to show off sensual long sleeves, difficult to wear at other times of the year.

The bouquet can be made with white flowers or purely winter ones (such as anemones, buttercups and tulips), enriched with leaves, berries and twigs.


The advantages of the winter wedding
In addition to the originality of it, the choice of the winter wedding can also bring advantages in terms of organization. Church, locations and suppliers, given the lower number of requests compared to the spring and summer periods, offer greater availability and can be booked in advance, allowing you to organize the wedding even at a short notice. The absence of heat ensures you can fully enjoy the joys of the reception and enjoy the food with greater pleasure, giving the bride and groom and guests a relaxing and unforgettable day.

Even for the honeymoon, during the cold months, there are many possibilities. For those who love the tropical sun, winter is the best time to organize a honeymoon. The southern hemisphere countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are also ideal.



Winter wedding at Antiche Odescalchi Stables

Organizing a winter wedding in Bracciano is an original snappy choice. The forest and the magnificent gardens surrounding the historic residence, invigorated by the bright tones of the Cotoneaster berries, will immediately transport your guests in an enchanted atmosphere.

The large rooms with lit fireplaces, elegant and rich in history, will create a suggestive and fairy-tale atmosphere, amplified by the evocative power of the themed settings, with attention to every single detail. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment: tel. 06.9988152 – cell. 347.0330807.

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