Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Marriage is one of the most important days in the life of a couple. In order to make the reception unique and unforgettable, no detail can be overlooked.

Generally, during a preliminary meeting, the future married couples ask us a series of questions, essential to orient themselves in the choices and achieve the “perfect marriage”. We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions, through a long interview with Ylenia Incecchi, location manager for the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi.


For the wedding reception, is the venue exclusively granted?

Yes, we organize only one wedding in the course of a single day. This allows the caterers to work in peace and guarantee the maximum success of the event. In this way, the bride and groom can spend the day in total serenity, fully experience the exceptional nature of their party and enjoy greater flexibility in schedules.



How many people can your rooms host?

The rooms are very large, but the number of people can vary depending on the type of equipment and characteristics of the event. The two large rooms, if desired, can accommodate up to 400 guests with the cocktail party formula. The salotto delle Briglie, on the other hand, allows you to organize more intimate events, which can accommodate from 20 to 60 people. All on the same floor. The three rooms are communicating.


Is it possible to organize the entire reception outside?

Absolutely, yes. The garden is divided into several areas, all very well tended, spacious and charming.

At the same time, you can organize an aperitif in the garden, eat in the rooms and then, perhaps, cut the cake with the desserts back in the garden. There are many possibilities.


In case of rain, is the event transferred to the internal rooms?

Certainly, yes. This is one of our main strengths. The structure dates back to the end of the 1800s, so it is absolutely reliable in case of bad weather. It is also very versatile. The arrangement of the rooms allows you to move the entire reception inside, without affecting the success of the wedding.



Thanks to the agreements with the Municipality of Bracciano, at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi it is possible to celebrate the authentic civil ceremony. Where does the ceremony take place?

The authentic civil ceremony (we will provide information on the necessary documentation) has legal value.

It can be celebrated both in our gardens and in the internal rooms. This allows the newlyweds to organize the ceremony and reception in one location and at any time of year, despite the adverse weather conditions.

On the other hand, this climate has accustomed us to have clouds in July and sunny days in November…


Is it possible for couples who choose the Catholic rite to celebrate the ceremony near the structure?

For years we have had a wonderful collaboration with the cultural association Forum Clodii, which manages the church of Santa Maria del Riposo, a few minutes from the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi. This little jewel from the sixteenth century is decorated with a cycle of Marian Frescoes and has a breathtaking view of Lake Bracciano. It can accommodate up to 120 people seated and you can book it in conjunction with the Scuderie.

Bracciano also has another beautiful church, the Duomo, and around the lake there are other interesting churches and abbeys to consider. 


Is there a manager who follows the event?

A location manager follows the entire organization, from the first appointment to the day of the event, to advise, support, facilitate the bride and groom and ensure that every moment of the day is perfect. I have been responsible for this for about twenty years!

In addition, we provide an internal staff of valet parking, hostesses, cloakroom staff and bathroom service, to protect the success of the wedding. Obviously, this large group of people is very discreet.


How is the event structured?

The event is like a dress, it is sewn to measure. Every moment is studied and realized in a different way, according to the specific requests and needs. The organization is planned in close collaboration with the bride and groom, the catering and the various partners.


Is there a possibility of organizing a themed wedding?

Absolutely yes, the structure is suitable for the realization of any kind of themed setting, to make the wedding even more suggestive and original.


But after cutting the cake, how does the evening proceed?

After the cake begins the funniest part of the day. Everyone is more relaxed and that’s where the party begins. Music, lights, entertainment, DJ sets and bands play a very important role.


How about getting married in the fall?

Of course, the colors within the property (I have not yet perhaps said that the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi are located within a private property of 50 hectares overlooking Lake Bracciano) during the autumn undergo one of the most beautiful metamorphoses of the year. The woods are tinged with orange and yellow, the garden brings out all the flowers and autumn fruits, pomegranates, berries and so on. If it doesn’t rain, nobody prevents us from organizing some moments of the reception outside!



And in winter?

The Scuderie are also perfect for weddings in the cold season. The large rooms heated by two large fireplaces are an ideal setting for an original and different event. Warm soups, chestnuts and mulled wine: this is how sometimes the winter menus are corrected. The bride and groom really appreciate these small variations. It goes without saying that the layouts change compared to summer. The tones necessarily become warmer because of the play of colour and the luminous effect that the candles give, creating truly unique atmospheres. It will surprise you to know that, often, during these twenty years of activity, we have repeatedly made weddings even on New Year’s Eve!    


Which catering companies do you work with?

We have about 10/12 trusted catering situations, all of which are of an excellent level. Each offers a variety of choices, both in relation to the menu and as regards the arrangements.


Do the Scuderie have kitchens?

Yes, there are kitchens in accordance with the regulations, used by the catering companies for the preparation.


 What do the menu proposals include?

The standard proposals include rich aperitif buffets, with many different settings, two first courses and a second course, both served, cake with a buffet of desserts, coffee and bitters, wines and drinks. If desired, it is possible to include a cocktail/open bar for the continuation of the evening. Each couple can choose the various dishes, based on an unlimited series of proposals made by the catering, removing or adding different parts. On request, the menu can be composed with excellent vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan proposals.

It is also possible to create buffet arrangements, with cooking shows, pizza corner with a wood-burning oven and areas dedicated to the various kitchens in the world, as well as brunches and real picnics with carpets, pillows and themed arrangements. Please note that the service includes mise en place (dishes, glasses, tablecloths, etc..), qualified waiters, maître or director of the room, cooks and kitchen staff, transport, porterage, etc..


Advice on flowers, photographers, music and animation?

Over the years we have selected an extensive and consolidated list of partners, able to offer various solutions: from the most classic to the most modern and original. These are collaborators who, knowing our spaces very well, facilitate and guarantee the high level of the event.

After having confronted the bride and groom and having fully understood their needs, we propose the solutions that we consider most in line with their needs.


Are you also able to organise a transport and accommodation service?

Absolutely, yes. It is possible to organize transfers from Rome, by taxi or shuttle bus. In addition, we can recommend excellent hotels, b&bs, relais, farmhouses and even camping, to allow guests and newlyweds to stay in the type of structure they prefer.


Are there any time limitations?

Usually towards the end of the afternoon, at 7 pm, the wedding ends. As for the evening, however, around one in the morning. You can easily extend these times, considering an extra charge. This is only possible because the structure is exclusive to the client.

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