Christmas-themed wedding: a fairy tale in winter

Christmas is a magical time: the festive atmosphere, the warmth of the lights, the scents and sounds that cut through the air; they have familiar traits and echo the happy moments of childhood. Organizing a Christmas-themed wedding can make the wedding day even more evocative and full of emotions, giving the bride and groom and guests all the poetry and enchantment of a fairy tale.

Imagine a fairy tale forest: the living breath of nature and the rarefied sounds of winter. In the middle is set a historic house, adorned with majestic trees and beautiful gardens. Enter the elegant rooms, illuminated by the vibrant light of candles and warmed by the fire in the fireplaces. Admire the splendour of the fittings, the richness of the details, chiselled with such precision that they appear almost like the product of a spell. Not far away is the silver lake, whose waters are reflected in the sky. Isn’t this the most romantic Christmas you can dream of? Read these short stories set at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: they will guide you through the precious alchemy of Christmas-themed wedding receptions.


Christmas-themed Wedding: The Winter Garden
The dance of the set up is in full swing: flowers, candles, tablecloths, porcelain and crystals are laid down in the large hall with the lightness of a white blanket of snow. The imposing fir tree, sprinkled with white, stands solemnly in the soft shadows of the lamps, full of promises and gifts for the guests (what better way to make the favours?). The fireplaces burst with joy, to welcome with their warmth the imminent arrival of the bride and groom. The majestic buffet is a triumph of aromas, evoking the freshness of the sea and the purity of the products of the land. From the windows peep out the lush greenery of the gardens, adorned with the bright red of Cotoneaster berries: a perfect natural setting, which encloses a wonderful winter garden.


Refined elegance: from imperial red to night blue
Purple berries, fir twigs, strong and bright contrasts, which immediately recall the warm atmosphere of the festive days. The long imperial tables, from which the thin stems of the candlesticks emerge, are a triumph of white and red: the traditional colours of Christmas. The skilful juxtaposition with the elegant dishes edged in gold recalls the refined simplicity of noble country residences. The scarlet hue, also taken from the cushions placed on the seats, gives style and refinement to the wedding. The fiery tones of gold and red are proposed in the beautiful Christmas tree, placed next to the fireplace as in the best tradition. At nightfall, the Stables are wrapped in a precious blanket of stars, revealing the ethereal beauty of a winter night sky: this is how the magic of the Christmas theme wedding is accomplished.

Light and gold: authentic civil rite and Christmas-themed reception
The liveliness of gold and bronze, emphasized with lights, candles and style decorations, is mixed with satin fabrics, which recall the iridescence of metal. The winter theme is enhanced by the whiteness of floral compositions and the purity of crystals.
The dancing flames of the fireplaces, the soft light of the candelabra, generate a dreamy effect, flooding the spacious rooms with their energy and golden glow. To complete the magic of the Christmas-themed wedding, the authentic civil rite celebrated on site completes it, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a dreamy atmosphere from the very beginning. An arch of flowers awaits the arrival of the bride and groom to romantically seal their wedding vows. The white seats, with their classic composure, underline the solemnity of the ceremony, which, thanks to the enchanting setting, maintains the poetry and charm of a traditional ceremony.


Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: a tale of love and beauty
The Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi represent the ideal location to organize a wedding full of suggestions, declined as if it were a precious Christmas story. Thanks to the agreement with the Municipality of Bracciano, couples have the opportunity to get married with authentic civil rite directly at the structure, officially recognized as a venue for the celebrations, making the moment of the ceremony an essential part of the narrative.
The evocative natural setting and the spacious rooms of the historic residence, warmed by lighted fireplaces, will create a perfect fairy-tale atmosphere, amplified by the beauty of the impeccable themed decorations. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment: phone 06.9988152 – mobile 347.0330807.


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