Carnival wedding: mystery, originality and fun

Thinking of the imminent arrival of Carnival, images of the sumptuous Venetian dances, the Baroque triumph of masks and costumes, the sinuous cheerfulness of confetti and streamers are all in the mind. What if we told you that these carefree and, at the same time, mysterious moods could be the common thread for an original and unforgettable Carnival wedding?

Of course, to organize a wedding reception that is able to recreate the atmosphere of a masquerade ball, you need the right setting. You will need an elegant historical residence, spacious and refined rooms heated by fireplaces, given the period, a naturalistic setting of extraordinary beauty and a staff able to fulfill your every wish. It seems that the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi represent the ideal location for your wedding reception in costume, don’t you think?


Getting married during the Carnival period: the advantages

The date of the beginning of this “goliardic” recurrence, which originates from the ancient Roman Saturnalia, varies every year according to Easter and falls, more or less, between January 10th and February 14th. This leaves the bride and groom the possibility to combine the graceful atmosphere of the fancy costume reception with the typical features of a charming winter wedding, with all the advantages that this can entail.

During the cold months, in fact, the lower number of requests allows you to book the church and the location less in advance, greatly reducing the time to devote to the organizational phases of the wedding. The absence of the hot weather, moreover, allows the bride and groom and guests to appreciate the joys of the banquet more, allowing them to opt for a rich themed menu, with seasonal proposals and recipes traditionally linked to Carnival.


Tips and details to organize an elegant Carnival wedding

Contrary to what one might think, a masked wedding reception does not involve any particular burden in terms of clothing. It will be sufficient to enrich your wedding dress with an elegant Venetian mask, or with a delicate lace or filigree mask. Immediately, the outfit will acquire a mysterious charm, without having to use any costume.

In the participations it will be essential to specify the theme of the reception, using refined motifs that recall the Carnival. To be sure of the final effect and facilitate your guests, you can surprise them by using coordinated masks as a decorative element of the mise en place and as a nice “cadeau”, which everyone can wear at the reception. Chalices and candelabra in Murano style can tint the table with light, combined with fabrics and ceramics in style. The tableau marriage, the decorations, the wedding cake and the wedding favors, necessarily, will be customized with refined references to the Carnival: the solutions are endless and impressive.


Colours and fabrics

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the nuances for the fittings: you can opt for gold, silver or bronze finishes; play skilfully with contrasting shades, use pastel shades or go for total white. Masks, ribbons and feathers, to be dosed with sobriety, can act as a counterpoint to the flowers, inevitable protagonists of the wedding banquet.

The bride, undisputed queen of the “ball”, will be able to show off a sumptuous princess dress, loose dresses with “precious” inserts or opt for stylized lines, which will be a counterpoint to a modern jewel mask, the focal point of the outfit. Good taste, of course, will be the keyword.


Carnival wedding at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi

Organizing a masked wedding at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi is an extremely original choice, which will guarantee you an impeccable result. The forest and the beautiful gardens that frame the historic house will immediately project the guests into a “timeless” dimension, amplifying the halo of mystery and liveliness.

The spacious rooms with their lit fireplaces, elegant and rich in history, will help to recreate the atmosphere of the ancient Venetian dances, thanks to the evocative power of the themed layout, with attention to every single detail. Given the mood of the reception, the bride and groom will be able to decide whether to opt for the authentic civil rite, which is valid before the laws of the State and, thanks to agreements with the City of Bracciano, can be celebrated directly on site, without depriving the ceremony of the indispensable aura of romance and solemnity. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment: tel. + 39 06.9988152 – cell. + 39 347.0330807.

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