Midweek wedding: same charm, with a few extra conveniences

More and more couples choose a weekday date to celebrate their wedding. But what are the advantages of a midweek wedding? In a long interview, Ylenia Incecchi, location manager of Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, tells us about it.


– How long does it usually take to organize a wedding reception?

It depends on the date. If the intention is for a summer Saturday, for example, you have to block the date at least one year in advance. I repeat: at least one year in advance.

– If you choose a midweek date, can you book less in advance?

Yes, absolutely. In this case you can book less in advance.

– Do many couples choose to get married during the week instead of at the weekend?

Yes, I must say that more and more couples are choosing this option. Thursday is very popular, for example. Even foreigners very often prefer midweek dates. In my experience, I can say that this is an increasing trend.

– On an organisational level, what are the advantages of a midweek wedding?

First of all, the various partners and employees can enjoy greater freedom of schedules. It may happen, for example, that the caterer comes to set up a day or two beforehand, that the musicians prepare their station in advance and so on…
But the choice of a midweek date can also make it easier for the married couple.
We ourselves take a close look: once the most popular dates have been set, we try to encourage couples to opt for other possibilities. A discount, sometimes as much as 15% off our price list, is an interesting appeal for those who are not bound to choose a Saturday or Sunday.
Another advantage, for the couple who decide to get married between Monday and Thursday, is the fact that it is easier to find our independent collaborators, such as photographers or fitters, free. On weekends, they are normally busier.

– Is your structure granted exclusively anyway?

Absolutely. Our structure is always exclusive, even during the midweek dates we celebrate only one wedding a day. All the spaces are available for the whole day, as well as the services, including the setting up and disassembly by the various collaborators.

– Are the bride and groom followed by a wedding manager at every stage of the event, even on midweek dates?

Absolutely yes, my figure is present from the very first appointment until the day of the event. My task is to follow the entire wedding organization throughout. Whether the event takes place on Thursday, Monday or Saturday makes absolutely no difference.

– Does the availability of the indoor spaces remain the same?

Of course yes, nothing changes between weekends and midweek dates.
Often between spring and autumn the desire is to celebrate the wedding in our gardens. One of the peculiarities of our location is to have very interesting and versatile indoor spaces, so that you can celebrate the wedding between the halls and gardens. Not to mention the unfortunate hypothesis of a day of bad weather … even if it’s a Wednesday, you can carry out the whole event completely dry! This is one of the reasons that leads many couples to choose the Scuderie as the location for their wedding.

– Can the reception also be organized outside on weekdays?

Of course it can.

– Is the charm of the ceremony compromised if you get married on a weekday?

No, absolutely not! As I said, nothing changes, from my personal assistance to the care of every single detail. There are no restrictions, there are no differences!

– Do you still have dates available for the summer and autumn season?

We have midweek dates still available for 2020, maybe after this interview, the requests will increase…

– What are the possible options for choosing the theme and menu, for those who decide to get married in the summer?

Lately, I’ve seen couples play a lot with colours. It may sound strange, but a married couple decided to opt for a menu entirely composed of red dishes.
In general, however, the catering companies we work with are very innovative in their offer. We range from vegan menus to farm-to-table menus; from formulas such as “picnic” or brunch, to more traditional or fresh menus for the summer period.

– And for those who decide to get married in autumn?

Autumn offers incredible colours, the forest is tinged with yellow, orange and brown. The temperatures are more pleasant, the menu includes “warmer” and full-bodied flavours: soups, polenta, mushrooms and so on.

– Are Schedules tighter for midweek weddings?

No, the hours are the same. It’s not true that the party lasts less during the week! Especially in the summer, people like to spend the night up late.

– Thanks to the agreements with the Municipality of Bracciano, at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi it is possible to celebrate the authentic civil rite. Is this option also valid for midweek dates?

Yes, it is also valid for midweek days, but only in the afternoon, after office closing time.

– For couples who choose the Catholic rite, is there the possibility of celebrating the ceremony near the facility on a weekday too?

The Catholic rite can be celebrated on any day of the week. Indeed, our parish priest will be very happy, since parish masses are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

– According to your experience, how do guests respond to an invitation to a midweek wedding?

From what I have noticed, the guests are very happy to skip a day at work! The initial doubt often comes from the bride and groom and their parents, who are afraid that their guests will miss a day at work. In reality, it is rather a pleasant “vacation day”. Often the wedding date is known so early that it can easily be arranged. The paradox is that, in the end, it is the bride and groom themselves who ask us to help them organize the overnight stay for their guests, who eventually want to stay for several days. On the other hand, Lake Bracciano offers many interesting distractions, including villages and restaurants. I guarantee, according to my experience guests are very happy to accept the invitation to a midweek ceremony!

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