Scenes from a wedding: Giulia and Davide, emotions of autumn

What makes a wedding special? First, its protagonists: the bride and groom. They are the focal point around which the entire wedding planning revolves. The ceremony, the catering, the fittings, the entertainment: every detail must fully reflect their tastes and needs.

Every couple has a story to tell and every story has its own unique magic. This is why the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi has a dedicated expert, the location manager Ylenia Incecchi, who follows the bride and groom in every single phase of the event, from the very first contact request. The long experience, the solid skills, combined with an indisputable sensitivity, make the bride and groom feel immediately welcome and at ease, who can freely express their requests, clarify any doubts and be advised on the most suitable solutions to make their dream shine. To describe the passion and attention that the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi reserve to every married couple, will be the scenes taken from the wedding of Giulia and Davide.



The ceremony: the authentic civil rite

October 5th, 2019: the long-awaited date has arrived. The day is bright, although the sky is slightly hazy. The climate is mild, the gardens of the Ancient Odescalchi Stables shine with lush greenery. The elegant rows of chairs, softened by delicate floral decorations, prepare to welcome guests. A particularly evocative wedding ceremony is about to take place: the authentic outdoors civil rite.

The guests take their seats and look around in amazement. They admire the magnificence of the surrounding nature, the charm of the historic residence; they comment on the originality of the bride and groom and the good taste in the choice of location.


Towards the groom with joy

Giulia walks by her father’s side, under the canopy of the sky, nestled between the treetops. She walks along the long fabric nave, which leads to the altar set up for the authentic civil rite. She wears a white dress with long sleeves, ideal for the beginning of the autumn season. The light fabric of the skirt, soft and wide, sways to the rhythm of her steps. She is visibly excited, struggling to hold back the tears of joy. Davide anxiously awaits her at the altar, smiles happily: shortly, the registrar will seal their pact of love and officially unite them in marriage.

The outdoor ceremony is moving and full of emotion. The bride and groom describe aloud the intensity of their feelings, share memories, exchange promises. Joy explodes among the guests as soon as Giulia and Davide are officially declared husband and wife. A shower of rice blesses their union.



The setting: the refinement of the imperial tables

After the ceremony, guests can enjoy a pleasant and delicious aperitif outdoors. The bride and groom take the opportunity to stroll along the boulevards and among the ancient farmhouses full of history, letting the skilful partners of the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, p&p fotografia and Luca Tedesco Film Maker, portray them in natural poses and immortalize their happiness, without disturbing their intimacy. Everything takes place in an atmosphere of pleasant relaxation. No long waits for the guests, no moving around.

The large internal hall of the historical residence has been set up with long imperial tables (banqueting: Nicolai Ricevimenti). Candles, crystals and porcelain with gold finishes illuminate the white tablecloth, enriched with beautiful floral decorations in contrast (Event Flower VDF, by Valentina Di Francesco), which recall the bride’s bouquet. Davide and Giulia walk triumphantly among the applause of friends and loved ones. The dinner begins, characterized by cheerfulness and the special menu chosen by the bride and groom, which recalls the colors and scents of Autumn.



Lights, stars and dances

The cutting of the cake, the highlight of the reception, takes place in the garden and is made even more solemn by the fireworks display of Pirofantasy. The night sky and unspoilt nature are the perfect setting to enhance the magic of the ritual. The evening continues inside on the enthralling notes of the Mikely Family Band, a band with a large wind section, whose repertoire ranges from swing, rock and roll to rhythm and blues. The dance takes place in an atmosphere of absolute fun, enhanced by Nico Celano’s lighting effects.

At the end of the reception, the bride and groom and the guests who have chosen to stay on site, retire to the Borgo Vistalago hotel, a splendid location with breathtaking views of Lake Bracciano, located just 8 km from the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi. If you want to stay near the venue, in fact, the staff of the Scuderie is able to recommend a series of solutions to satisfy every kind of needs.



Start writing the scenes from “your” wedding right now

Would you like to live a fairy tale like Davide and Giulia’s? Take advantage of this temporary “seclusion”, it’s the ideal moment to plan your wedding! These days you can start planning your wedding from home, by contacting the Scuderie by phone (cell. +39 347.0330807) or by e-mail (, to tell your story, describe your needs and desires.
The location manager, Ylenia Incecchi, will be at your disposal to answer any questions, provide advice and indications on the possible layout, menu options, the layout of the hall and outdoor spaces, the performance of any civil ceremony, etc.. As soon as possible, will set the date of the first appointment on site, so that you can admire the beautiful location live. Secure a front row seat… Call now!

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