Marriage: the magical charm of the four seasons

What’s the ideal time to get married? The choice may depend on many factors. Some are of a practical nature, related to the availability of the location or the need for the bride and groom to reconcile their work commitments in view of the honeymoon. In other cases, the date of the wedding can be set according to a special occasion or a period of the year that is particularly significant for the couple. Often, however, it is personal tastes and desires that make one season lean in favour of another.

At the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi the changing seasons offer enchanting scenarios, capable of creating poetic atmospheres in every month of the year. Precious ideas from which to draw for the selection of the theme, the colours of the settings and the dishes to include on the menu, so as to make each wedding unique and unforgettable. The structure is always granted exclusively, both on weekends and midweek days, guaranteeing the bride and groom the utmost care and perfection in every detail. Thanks to the agreements with the Municipality of Bracciano it is also possible to celebrate the authentic civil rite on site. The immense outdoor spaces and the versatility of the indoor spaces, allow the ceremony and reception to take place both outdoors and inside the historic residence, and to plan every moment of the wedding taking into account the weather conditions and the specific needs of the bride and groom.


Spring: harmony and enchantment

In spring, the lush greenery of the gardens and the rich blooms create an intense and romantic atmosphere. The stream running through the estate and the waters of Lake Bracciano, sparkling in the background, are a counterpoint to the ancient fountain, overflowing with water lilies. The climate is ideal for celebrating the authentic civil rite outdoors, even in the morning hours. The ceremony will acquire the charm of a Renaissance painting, using curtains and floral decorations in harmony with the sparkling colours of nature.

The aperitif in the garden can be an opportunity to create themed corners with an original and sophisticated touch, or play with the many facets of natural chic style. Flowers will also be the undisputed protagonists in the interior design, which can be enriched with delicate pastel tones or focus on the harmony of contrasts. In case of rain, the versatility of the structure and the layout of the large rooms will allow to move the ceremony and the entire reception inside, without affecting in any way the perfect success of the wedding.


Summer: joy and lightness

During the summer months, nature is enriched with new light and new gradations. The emerald green of the centuries-old woods is contrasted by the glittering gold of the wheat field in the background. The period is ideal for outdoor receptions, with tables set between the canopies of the trees and rows of lights drawing the outline of the night sky. The settings can range from total white, which in the summer season favours simple lines and essential geometries, to boho-chic, able to contrast vintage and bohemian elements within the lush natural setting; from country chic, which combines natural fabrics and rustic elements, to shabby chic, which proposes the elegance of the English countryside, through the use of restored elements, decorations, flowers and candles.
As for the menus, you will be spoilt for choice. The banqueting companies with which the structure collaborates present a varied and innovative offer: from brunch to picnics; from vegan menus to farm-to-table menus; without forgetting the more traditional proposals, which are enriched with fresh and light summer flavors.


Autumn: colour and poetry

In autumn, the foliage of the trees undergo one of the most beautiful metamorphoses of the year, assuming tones which change from yellow, to ochre, to orange. On the mildest days, the open spaces still lend themselves to welcoming some of the most important moments of the wedding, such as the authentic civil rite, a rich outdoor aperitif and the cutting of the cake in the open air, keeping the possibility to easily move the whole event in the indoor rooms, in case of bad weather.

The woodland surrounding the estate will be the starting point for the arrangements, which will welcome the warm tones of the leaves, berries and autumn fruits. On colder days the spacious rooms will be warmed by the warmth of the fireplaces, which will add an intimate and poetic touch to the entire reception. The menu may include seasonal proposals, such as dishes based on mushrooms and polenta.


Winter: fairytale and magic

One of the main strengths of the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi is that the structure, thanks to the enchanted charm of the historic residence, is the ideal location for those who want to organize their wedding in the winter months, an original and impressive choice.

The settings can be inspired by the sparkling tones of the Christmas holidays, with lights, candles and decorations that enhance the power of red and gold, or celebrate the lightness of transparencies and crystals. The spaces also lend themselves to the setting up of an imposing fir tree, which can evoke the domestic familiarity of Christmas or become the centrepiece of a fairytale winter garden. The dancing flames of the lighted fireplaces will enhance the cheerful and festive atmosphere, giving an atmosphere of warm intimacy. The menu can include dishes inspired by the festive days and typical winter products, such as hot soups and mulled wine.

In February the bride and groom can opt for an unusual carnival wedding, inspired by the sumptuous Venetian dances, with elegant masks to be used as a decorative element and as a gift for guests. The table can be set with Murano style chalices and candelabra, to be combined with fabrics and ceramics that will enhance the value.


For each couple their own season

Have you already identified the season that best suits your wishes? Contact us to start planning your wedding at Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi. The location manager, Ylenia Incecchi, will be at your disposal to provide suggestions and answer any question.

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