Inspirational shooting: precious ideas for a dream wedding

A wedding is composed of many elements. The location, style, colors not only serve to determine the mood of the event but also to tell the story of the newlyweds, to reveal traits of their personality and character. For this reason, it is important that each choice fully reflects the tastes and desires of the couple.
The inspiration shoot, or inspirational shooting, is a photo session created to provide ideas for the bride and groom and help them find the right mood for their wedding. Focused on a specific theme, it embodies all those creative, design, and organizational aspects that determine the success of the wedding.

From Dream to Reality: the value of the inspirational shooting

Exactly as it happens in the phases preceding the wedding, for the design and realization of an inspirational shooting, different professional figures collaborate and confront each other following shared values: quality, originality, aesthetic research, and extreme attention to detail.

The possibility of translating the imagination into images allows future married couples to “visualize” the result of concert work, thanks to which each of the forces involved (location manager, wedding planner, photographer, flower designer, banqueting company, etc.) provides their know-how and skills to achieve an impeccable result. The location represents a key element in the shooting, as well as at the wedding, because it is a central part of the inspiration, strongly determines the choice of the theme and the aesthetics of the project.

The Ancient Odescalchi Stables: the perfect venue for a Summer Wedding

The inspirational shooting Summer Vibes Wedding, conceived by the wedding planner Denise More and published on Elle magazine, tells through the shots of the photographer Daniele Pierangeli the concept of an elegant outdoor summer wedding set in the enchanting scenery of the Ancient Odescalchi Stables. The images offer evocative views of the historic residence and a wide panorama of the lush gardens, where the model who plays the role of the bride moves with grace and elegance. The silk tulle and lace dress, from the Elisabetta Polignano collection, perfectly matches the soft hairstyle and the light make-up that highlights the tan, giving a sense of lightness and naturalness in perfect harmony with the season and the context.

The fitting of the tables alternates the optical white of the tablecloth with the pastel shades of the floral compositions, with brushstrokes of blue, orange, yellow, green, and soft pink, which recall the brilliance of the sky, the brightness of the sun, and the colors of the surrounding vegetation. A triumph of citrus fruits and exotic fruit enhances the delicacy of the gold profiled porcelain, the brilliance of the wine glasses and crystal risers.

Planning a Summer Wedding

For couples who desire to get married in summer, maybe inspired by the beauty of this photoshoot, we recommend booking the property well in advance. The months from June to September are among the most popular and, to get the location of your dreams, you need to move in time.

Thanks to a consolidated network of partners, the Ancient Odescalchi Stables guarantees excellence and first-rate standards, for an incomparable result in every period of the year. The structure is always granted exclusively and the bride and groom are constantly supported by the location manager Ylenia Incecchi who, in addition to providing advice on the choice of theme and possible fittings, follows the organization of the wedding from the first appointment until the day of the event.

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Location: Ancient Odescalchi Stables
Wedding planner: Denise More
Wedding photographer: Daniele Pierangeli
Wedding videographer: Paolo Furente
Floral design: Anthea Studio
Make-up and hair stylist: Giorgia Bertoldi Mua
Atelièr: Il giardino fiorito delle spose
Lighting design: Soundthings di Andrea Bitti
Bridal accessories: Guinevere Vines
Banqueting: Lincei Catering

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