Small events thought in big

Organizing an event with a limited number of guests does not mean giving up the magic of the party. On the contrary, it allows you to amplify its solemnity by marking the various steps following a different rhythm, different modes of interaction, and a specific conception of the spaces. The atmosphere of familiarity, combined with the exclusivity of the small events, allows each guest to interact frequently with the other participants, fully sharing emotions and moments of joy.

A party or reception with a few guests, if managed with the care and attention that the Ancient Odescalchi Stables reserve for each type of event, can only make each person feel special, leaving an indelible memory.

Rethinking the event to propose flexible solutions

The year 2020 inevitably confronted us with an unusual way of perceiving the event. The need to respect social distancing, if on the one hand has destabilized us, on the other has increased the need to share moments of celebration, perhaps giving priority to loved ones and close friends.

Despite the climate of general uncertainty due to the effects of the pandemic, the Ancient Odescalchi Stables found themselves in the privileged condition of being able to offer, starting from the end of the lockdown, diversified, flexible, and adaptable solutions, able to satisfy any kind of demand. Thanks to the large internal rooms and the vast green areas, the structure, always granted exclusively between summer and early autumn, has allowed many couples to confirm their wedding date and organize their wedding in total serenity, without giving up the poetry and enchantment of such a special day.

Ancient Odescalchi Stables: planning in small, continuing to dream big

The high professionalism of the staff and of the numerous partners (flower designers, event planners, wedding planners, catering companies, photographers, DJs, musicians, videomakers, etc.) allows the Ancient Odescalchi Stables to follow every step of the event with the highest care, providing the possibility to insert variations on the program in case of need.

The vast green areas and the large halls of the historical residence make it possible to host sumptuous parties and receptions, but also events with a limited number of guests, always keeping its beauty and effectiveness intact. During the winter months, the warmth of the fireplaces contributes to amplify the sense of familiarity of small events, to be enriched with personalized menus and themed fittings, which can be declined according to the mood chosen and the season. During the mildest days, the lush gardens can host some important moments of the day, including the authentic civil rite, which, thanks to agreements with the Municipality of Bracciano, can be celebrated directly on site.

Contact us to book the structure, ask for information on the various types of events or advice on the solutions that can be adopted in the coming months. The location manager, Ylenia Incecchi, will be at your disposal to answer any questions and help you to realize an unforgettable event, even with a small number of guests.

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