Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: a word from the bride and groom

We have often told you about the beauty of the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, the charm of the historical residence, the enchantment of the surrounding nature, the infinite possibilities of creating suggestive corners and fairy-tale scenarios at any time of the year. Today we let our newlyweds speak for themselves, thanks to some testimonials taken from the web. What do these stories have in common? They are not simple reviews, but fragments of emotions, in which the magic of the places is mixed with the joy of a dream come true.

The location

“We had already seen some locations, but I must admit that as soon as we visited the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, we realised there was no competition at all. The Scuderie is simply different, magical. The colours, the background of the lake, the wheat field, the stream, the fountain are all elements that take you to another dimension, another reality, a magical fairy tale. To confirm this, many guests asked us how we had found such a place and gave us many compliments. I only hope to have further opportunities to visit the Stables again and relive at least some of the emotions of my wedding” (Cri).

“I got married in September and I chose Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi as the location for my wedding reception and a month later I can confirm that I could not have made a better choice! The place is simply breathtaking. All the guests were fascinated by the beauty, care and refinement of every single detail. My biggest thanks go without a doubt to Ylenia, an extraordinary professional, always available and attentive to every request and need, who made it possible to organise a perfect wedding” (Maria).


“It is an enchanting place, one of the best locations for events in the area. The interiors are full of precious details, all in absolute harmony and the exteriors are truly spectacular, all around an absolute peace, you are immersed in the countryside, between the lake and the town of Bracciano, which is the frame and background to this wonderful landscape. I recommend it for the important events of life and to create indelible memories” (Tiziana).

“A truly unique, magical location, which made our event even more special. In addition to us as the bride and groom, all the guests fell in love with this place. Not to mention the professionalism of Ylenia who was always available and advised us on how to make the day perfect” (Giovanni).

“We got married on February 7th, we couldn’t have done it anywhere else but at Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi! A magical place where dreams come true. Thanks to all the staff for making our dream possible” (Chiara).

Source: Facebook page Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi

The authentic civil ceremony on site

“On Lake Bracciano there are many beautiful places to choose for your wedding or, as in our case, your civil union, but it is impossible to find one that can compete with the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi. The place is wonderful, just outside Bracciano, at the beginning of the ring road towards Trevignano. It is surrounded by the greenery sloping down from the hills, the lakeshore and a beautiful wheat field. In the background, at the top of the hill, the castle of Bracciano crowns it all. The place consists of two huge halls (the former stables, which have obviously been completely renovated) that allow for more solutions for the reception and the subsequent entertainment. Before the Scuderie, we saw many places that had a wonderful outdoor part and a microscopic indoor part, or in any case difficult to manage or not up to the mark, and since rain is always a possibility, there was a big risk in focusing everything on the garden part. The Scuderie, on the other hand, has this wonderful outside area, with a stream and a large garden full of flowers, and the inside area is spacious and very elegant. Another thing we really liked was the possibility of celebrating the civil union on site, as the structure had the authorisation of the municipality. It was nice because it gave the ceremony an even more romantic touch in a truly fairy-tale setting and it was very convenient because, having many guests from outside who relied on others to move around, it greatly reduced the complication of having to manage a double move from the ceremony venue to the reception venue. We would also like to underline their great willingness to help us since we organised the civil union at a great distance; we always had quick and exhaustive answers and the possibility to agree on every inspection with the suppliers even in a short time. If you are looking for a really special and refined place on Lake Bracciano (which is already a wonderful place to get married) you certainly can’t go wrong here” (Federica).

“It was love at first sight for us right from the start; the only location we saw, chosen on the day itself. I couldn’t have imagined any other place for our wedding. Having the opportunity to celebrate the authentic rite in the gardens was the icing on the cake. The place is magical, enchanted, the well-kept nature surrounds the beautiful estate. Small detail then, perhaps maniacal: obsessed with the bathrooms, even these were up to the place. It may seem obvious, but I assure you that it is not! A special thanks to Ylenia, impeccable hostess, who followed us throughout our journey. If I could, I would marry again a thousand times over to relive that wonderful day in our lives. Perfection!” (Giulia).


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