Corporate events: recreating team spirit after the pandemic

For many companies, returning to face-to-face working after months of working from home and social distancing is an opportunity to redefine common goals, recreate company dynamics and strengthen team spirit.  While smart working has enabled companies to optimise the time and cost of their work, the lack of direct interaction in the workplace has severely limited discussion, creating forms of isolation that in the long term can demotivate employees, with negative repercussions on the company atmosphere and performance. In this period of gradual return to normality, corporate events are an excellent strategy for opening up new spaces for sharing, cementing relationships and stimulating a sense of belonging. For companies that work in partnership, need to launch new products or build customer loyalty, this can be a good time to reactivate a direct channel of communication, creating an experience based on interaction, fun and involvement, elements that companies had to give up during the long months of the pandemic.   

In order to organise original and successful corporate events, it is necessary, first of all, to choose the right location. The splendid natural setting of the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi offers indoor and outdoor solutions suitable for hosting trade fairs, company meetings, team building sessions, promotional launches and automotive events. The immense green areas and the elegant halls of the historical residence offer versatile and modular spaces, a relaxing atmosphere and views of rare beauty, while guaranteeing total compliance with distance and safety regulations. The professionalism and experience of our staff, as well as an established network of partners, allows us to design tailor-made solutions to meet the needs and requirements of each company. If you are looking for ideas to motivate your staff or stimulate the creativity of your employees, here are some suggestions.  

Corporate treasure hunt

 Among corporate events, the team building treasure hunt is definitely a must. The adventurous fascination of this ancient game can involve and enthuse all participants. Following the clues to the coveted treasure leads to ingenious solutions, increased dialogue and healthy rivalry between participants. Each team works towards a common goal, which requires collaboration, information sharing, organisation, analytical skills, time and resource management. Exactly the requirements for good business performance.  

Nature trails and orientation team building

Building a raft, crossing a Tibetan bridge, trying out tree climbing techniques, finding your way through the vegetation with just a compass. Who has never dreamed of such an exciting experience? Adventure courses open the mind, release creative energies, make you daring and create empathy in the group.

Under the guidance of experienced professionals, your team will be able to try their hand at the main survival techniques, make a makeshift boat on the private beach that laps Lake Bracciano, explore the century-old forest that surrounds Tenuta Vigna Grande on foot, by quad-bike or off-road vehicles. It will be a safe and exciting way to test individual skills, bring out leadership abilities, revive the spirit of cohesion and optimise resources towards a common goal. As well as providing fun and beautiful scenery, this immersion in unspoilt nature will allow the team to take on new challenges and actively work together towards a goal, a mission whose success will depend on interaction and trust.

Team building in the kitchen

The kitchen is the ideal context for testing the team’s skills and experiencing the dynamics of cooperation. Preparing a meal requires method, precision, division of roles and the ability to manage resources and time. Thanks to the collaboration with some of the most important catering companies in the area, at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi it is possible to organise creative cooking team building sessions, with table setting and final tasting.

Our historic property has a large professional kitchen, fully equipped and compliant with the law, where participants can work safely and experience the thrill of interacting like a real kitchen brigade. Tasting the dishes prepared will be an opportunity to relax with colleagues, share their feelings and “savour” the fruits of their labour. During the summer, it will also be possible to organise tastings outdoors, surrounded by the foliage of the trees and lush gardens.

Theatre workshops and corporate theatre

Theatre is a place for introspection, listening and interaction. To face a stage, it is necessary to put oneself on the line, identify with a role, establish a relationship of trust with the director and with one’s companions. The Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi offers outdoor and indoor solutions for corporate events with workshops and theatrical team building exercises, activities that are particularly suitable for boosting self-esteem, improving self-awareness and communication within the working group. Thanks to corporate theatre, team members can try their hand at improvisation techniques to test their listening and problem-solving skills, or write a short script to be staged, to improve sharing and interaction between colleagues. The theatrical workshop formula will, in turn, allow you to identify with other company roles, to bring out new skills, take on a different point of view and facilitate conflict resolution.

Contact us to organise your corporate events at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi! Our location manager, Ylenia Incecchi, will be at your disposal to answer any questions, analyse together the specific needs of your company and help you find the most suitable formula to motivate and unite your team.

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