The winter wedding between fairytale and reality

Winter is a season full of mystery, capable of evoking magical and fairy-tale atmospheres. In this period, full of festivities, it is possible to organise receptions that have the warmth and intimacy of festivities, allowing yourself to be inspired by the beauty of snow-covered landscapes, the romanticism of noble country residences or the sumptuous gaiety of court balls. The charm of a winter wedding will enchant your guests and provide unforgettable emotions. To ensure the success of the event, given the rigidity and volatility of the climate, the location must guarantee impeccable logistics and ensure maximum comfort, without betraying the poetry of the wedding.

The possibility of organising dream weddings even between December and February is one of the main strengths of the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi. The historic residence, surrounded by centuries-old trees and English-style gardens, is suitable for both receptions with numerous guests and smaller events. If the wedding takes place entirely indoors, the immense windows allow you to admire all the magnificence of nature, creating a perfect continuity between inside and outside. On milder days, however, it is possible to create suggestive outdoor corners for the confetti and the cutting of the cake, which at nightfall can be emphasised by a wonderful firework display.

Indelible images

Winter light has a very special charm. Capturing it and transferring it into images is a skill that not everyone has. Our partners, photographers and video makers, thanks to their sensitivity and experience, always manage to find the perfect shot and the right cut of light to imprint indelible memories. The skill and discretion with which they move among the guests means that they manage to capture images of great visual impact, without ever being inappropriate or intrusive. The elegant halls, the beautiful natural setting and the impeccable installations will help make every shot and every frame a true work of art.

Themes, colours and scents

When you think of a winter wedding, Christmas immediately comes to mind, with its familiar, intimate and cosy dimension. The large rooms of our historic residence, enlivened by the flames of the fireplaces, offer modular solutions, with the possibility of setting up an imposing fir tree and creating relaxing corners with sweets, mulled wine, hot chocolate, herbal teas and aromatic teas. There is plenty of choice when it comes to decoration. The traditional colour red offers an infinite number of shades (crimson, garnet, carmine, raspberry, burgundy, etc.), which are ideal for contrasting with the dark green of the fir twigs and the snow-white fabrics. Those who like the glitter of the festive season can choose palettes with shimmering tones such as gold, copper and bronze. Those who prefer cold winter tones can opt for delicate shades of blue, white and silver. Candles and crystals will help to light up the magic.

White is also the dominant colour in the winter garden, another theme that is very dear to the bride and groom. Our wedding planners, with the help of our light and floral designers, will be able to evoke the enchanted beauty of snowy landscapes, using light effects, white fabrics, fern arrangements and immaculate flowers. To enhance the Nordic atmosphere, menus can include polenta and game, which are popular with guests.

Sophisticated decorations, sophisticated menus and sophisticated lighting can also be the mood for a special New Year’s Eve wedding, where the wedding becomes an opportunity to get together with loved ones, celebrate in an original way and greet the arrival of the new year with the couple. Finally, couples who choose February will find ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding or an elegant carnival wedding, with filigree masks to be used as decorative elements and as gifts for guests. The table can be set with Murano-style chalices and candelabras, to be matched with fabrics and ceramics that will enhance their value.

Winter wedding at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi

Organising a winter wedding is an unusual and poetic choice, which can have several organisational advantages. The possibility of booking the location a little earlier allows the couple to condense the emotions of the wait into a few months, making the preparations less stressful and the event even more surprising. Our excellent partners and suppliers, who are less busy at this time of year, will be able to use the venue more freely and define every detail in advance. The impeccable organisation will allow your guests to enjoy every single moment of the wedding, to appreciate the beauty of the venue and the originality of the event, in complete comfort and relaxation.

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