The wedding banquet: the importance of form

The wedding banquet is, without a doubt, the most scenic moment of the event. Every detail, from the mise en place to the individual courses of the menu, must be impeccable. Wedding etiquette imposes precise rules regarding seating arrangements, but form also has its importance from a geometric point of view. It is not just a matter of taste. When designing the table plan, one must take into account the characteristics of the location, the theme chosen for the wedding, the total number of guests and the nature of the interaction one wishes to generate between them. 

Imperial tables

Imperial tables are well suited to both small events and lavish receptions because they create a family atmosphere but have a regal appearance. At open-air receptions, the wedding banquet must express a natural elegance. The imperial table, set in a bucolic context, may be the ideal choice for those who wish to organise an informal wedding with a few guests. A country chic, shabby chic or eco-chic themed set-up will give the wedding reception a refined and, at the same time, original touch.

In winter weddings, long tables, set with china and crystal on both sides, can recreate the atmosphere of noble period residences or evoke the joyful atmosphere of festivities. The arrangements can play with the cold tones of winter gardens or dress up in the typical colours of festivities: gold, bronze, dark green, deep red. The bride and groom can sit at the head of the table or in a central position, if the arrangement is horseshoe-shaped, to have a wide view of the whole room. Place cards are indispensable to create compact groups, able to interact without embarrassment: groups of friends, close relatives, families with children.

The respective parents, groomsmen and bridesmaids, according to tradition, should sit next to the bride and groom. However, many couples prefer the option of a separate wedding table, which gives an extra touch of romance and allows free movement between guests.

Round tables

Classic and elegant, round tables allow for better interaction and are ideal in events with many guests. It is not necessary for all guests to know each other, but it is essential to create a homogeneous ensemble, united by similar interests. Small groups of 6 to 8 guests can converse in a relaxed manner, socialise and tell anecdotes about the bride and groom. Planning the seating arrangements will be challenging, but with a bit of luck, sparks may well fly among the still single guests.

The tableau de mariage will orient each guest and lead them to their own table, whose name will remind them of their chosen wedding theme. In order not to obstruct the view and to favour exchange, the centrepiece should be less than 35 cm high or particularly tall, with a stem or transparent base.

Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: the form of dreams

At the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, the wedding banquet is a feast of colours, fragrances and flavours. The versatility of the spaces offers multiple solutions, allowing the bride and groom to give the reception the shape they desire. In fine weather, the English-style gardens lend themselves to multi-sensory pathways, themed corners, and alternative formulas such as brunch and picnics on the grass. On summer evenings, open-air receptions can be organised in contemporary, classic or natural chic style. Or you can experience the magic of a romantic dinner under century-old maple trees, set up with long imperial tables or circular tables lit by cascades of light. For couples who love both solutions, our wedding designers will create a harmonious mix between the two types of tables, playing precisely on the diversity of shapes. The menus, created by the best banqueting companies in Lazio, may include seasonal dishes made with farm-to-table products, vegetarian and vegan proposals.

In autumn and winter, the halls of the historic residence, warmed by the flames of the fireplaces, lend themselves to organising weddings with numerous guests, as well as intimate and cosy events. The venue, granted on an exclusive basis even on weekdays, offers the possibility of booking one of the beautiful churches in the area or organising the authentic civil ceremony on site. This option is much appreciated by the bride and groom and their guests, who can savour the pleasure of the entire event without having to move from the venue.  

Contact us to plan your wedding at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi and ask for advice on possible arrangements. The location manager, Ylenia Incecchi, will be at your disposal to provide suggestions and answer any questions.

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