White wedding: shades, combinations and total white set-ups

Far from being plain, white is an extremely versatile colour that can be used all year round. This is why the white wedding never goes out of fashion. Let us keep in mind, however, that the shade most loved by the bride and groom can have an infinite range of shades. Choosing the right shade, and reasoning about the possible combinations, is essential to create arrangements in line with the chosen theme and the season.

Optical white, characterised by a high luminosity and the absence of other shades, is ideal for enhancing the rarefied atmospheres of winter or for creating fittings with a strong, contemporary style. Shades containing hints of yellow, such as milk white, cream and ivory, to be combined with warm colours or pastel shades, are perfect for events with a romantic, classic or rustic chic feel.

Total white: minimal and sophisticated

Total white is the right choice for those who prefer a sober style with great aesthetic impact. Particularly suitable for summer weddings, it evokes all the levity and liveliness of this carefree season. To give the event a refined and contemporary mood, the arrangements are composed of essential and rigorous geometries, to be softened with light fabrics and sinuous curtains. To accentuate the romantic aspect of the wedding, the mise en place is enriched with fine details. Floral compositions, lush and in harmony with nature, can include roses, orchids, lilies of the valley or daisies, perfect for shabby chic arrangements.

Absolute white is also perfect for those who wish to organise an original winter wedding. Every detail, from the bride’s dress to the floral decorations, will evoke the brightness and whiteness of snow. Crystals, porcelain and candelabras, used to weave patient plays of light, will help create a magical, enchanted atmosphere. 

Possible combinations in the white wedding: warm tones and pastel shades

White can be used as a basic tone to create elegant and poetic arrangements. In spring, immaculate fabrics provide a counterpoint to pastel shades such as soft pink, lilac, peach, baby blue and sage green. Combined with the countless shades of green, optical white can become the centrepiece of natural chic settings, skilfully blending natural elements and refined details.

In autumn, milk white and ivory can be combined with warm earth tones or the iridescent tones of tree foliage: ochre, orange, purple, burgundy. To recall the autumn theme, the arrangements are embellished with leaves, berries and seasonal fruits.

White wedding at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi

At the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, white is an evergreen choice that offers different emotions and suggestions in every season of the year. In autumn and winter, the spacious halls of the historic residence, warmed by the flames of the fireplaces, are bathed in a poetic light and shade, immediately evoking an intimate and familiar atmosphere. During the fine season, the natural setting becomes an integral part of the arrangements and can accommodate every moment of the wedding: from the authentic civil ceremony on site, to the aperitif in the garden; from the cutting of the cake to the confetti.  

Have you always dreamt of a white wedding? Contact us now to visit the venue: phone 06.9988152 – mobile 347.0330807. Our venue manager, Ylenia Incecchi, will show you the possible options and help you choose the style that suits you best. You will be able to amaze your guests with original, custom-designed solutions for an unforgettable event.

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