Wedding 2023: trends and tips for future brides and grooms

Bright colours, creativity, a green setting and sophisticated details. The new trends for wedding 2023 look at sustainability, but also celebrate the desire to escape from everyday life and the desire to dream again.

Wedding 2023 draws inspiration from new fashion colours

While waiting to unveil the official colour of 2023, the Pantone Colour Institute has identified the trend colours for the autumn/winter season. New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, in fact, brought a mix of relaxing and energising shades to the catwalk, offering ideas for original and innovative outfits. Among the warm tones were Orange Tiger (deep orange), Lava Falls (glowing red) and Samoan Sun (butterscotch yellow), reminiscent of the varied kaleidoscope of autumn leaves. Cold tones include the glacial shades of Waterspout blue and Arctic Wolf white; the sidereal grey of Chiselled Stone; the deep blue of winter nights (Midnight and Polar Night).

The new palettes include vibrant colours, such as Rose Violet and Nosegay Pink, and nuances inspired by nature, such as Amazon Green, Caramel Café and London Frost, an “earth-infused” undergrowth with calming and reassuring powers. Perfect colours to anticipate the awakening of spring, in which shades of white and pastel tones (peach, nude, powder pink) will prevail, to be alternated with strong shades such as bright pink, purple, light blue, orange and yellow.  Summer weddings, in addition to optical white, will bring out the bright tones of the sun and the intense shades of the sea. 

Wedding dresses: sophisticated fabrics, glittering decorations and embossed motifs

Colour also dominates the wedding dress collections. The traditional total white gives way to sophisticated harmonies of contrasts, achieved with pastel-coloured floral motifs, multicoloured three-dimensional decorations, transparent inlays and metallic inserts.

The materials, refined and precious, focus on the lightness of organza, the sparkle of lurex and the elegance of crushed silk, capable of creating a sculptural ‘paper effect’. 

Themes and arrangements: nature and elegance

Setting trends for weddings in 2023 oscillates between romanticism, sustainability and contemporary, favouring elegant residences and locations immersed in nature. Green and minimalist weddings are flanked by lavish receptions, with sophisticated and sensationalist arrangements. Among lovers of natural chic, the most popular styles are boho and shabby. On the luxury wedding side, Bridgerton-style settings and Art Nouveau suggestions inspired by The Great Gatsby are popular.

The tableau de mariage, made with antique frames, hanging decorations, floral elements or recycled materials, are mainly inspired by nature, cinema, fairy tales and great journeys. Themes that make you dream, stimulate the imagination and evoke a sense of rediscovered freedom.

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