The pleasure of getting married: the importance of food in the wedding reception 

Our land is rich in culinary traditions, which can be the common thread around which the entire plot of the wedding reception is woven. Flavours, fragrances and colours will be in harmony with the settings and the chosen wedding theme to create a true sensory journey. You can opt for a selection of regional dishes, rely on interesting contemporary reinterpretations or draw from other cultures, but to achieve an impeccable result it is important to focus on the seasonality of the products and the quality of the raw ingredients. Without neglecting the aesthetics of the dishes and the originality of the presentation. This is why the choice of caterer is so important. 

The aperitif: an irreplaceable calling card

In addition to offering a tasty welcome, the aperitif is intended to entertain guests while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive. Rather than setting up a single table for the buffet, forcing guests into tedious and exhausting queues, it is preferable to set up islands specifically dedicated to the tasting of cheeses, cold cuts, crispy fried meats, local specialities, fusion proposals, vegetarian or vegan dishes. 

If the outdoor space and the theme of the wedding allow it, evocative thematic corners or original food trucks can be set up. In addition to the ‘classics’ of street food, such as tacos, hot dogs and hamburgers, these vans with their vintage charm can be used to serve typical Roman dishes (supplì, meatballs, artichokes “alla giudìa”, etc.) or delicacies from other regions, such as fried gnocco and piadina Romagnola. In some cases, the aperitif can even become the centrepiece of the reception. There is a growing trend among young couples to replace the traditional banquet with a reinforced aperitif. A dynamic and informal option, similar to a standing dinner, where waiters frequently pass between guests to serve appetisers and finger food.

The wedding banquet: arrangements and menus

Trends aside, lunch and dinner at the table continue to be the highlight of the wedding reception. Long imperial tables are ideal for country, shabby or rustic chic style weddings, green themed events or events with a small number of guests. If the number of guests is particularly large, it is preferable to opt for round tables. Just as refined, they allow for more fluid interaction between guests, lend themselves to different styles, and permit modular configurations that are more adaptable to the surrounding space. 

The table menus, traditional or contemporary, can include local specialities, regional meat or fish recipes, ethnic proposals, vegetarian or vegan dishes, made with seasonal products, preferably farm-to-table. 

The cake, the dessert buffet and the confetti

Strictly in line with the theme chosen for the wedding, the wedding cake can be a true work of art, the fruit of the cake designers‘ genius and skill. For it to be enjoyed by most guests, it should be served before the cake buffet. The latter, in turn, can be divided into thematic corners and include single-portion desserts, spoon desserts, a wide selection of mignons and seasonal fruits, cupcakes, muffins and macaroon pyramids, a cute ice cream cart and even a colourful candy bar

The sugared almonds, an unmissable scenic moment at the wedding reception, can be set up with natural materials, elegant glass containers or fine china. The decorative elements will vary according to the mood of the wedding: candles, frames and impalpable fabrics to evoke a romantic atmosphere; aromatic plants, wild flowers and recycled objects to emphasise the minimal and eco-friendly style. 

The wedding reception at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi

The versatility of the spaces, indoors and outdoors, offers countless solutions for couples wishing to combine nature and elegance. In fine weather, the green areas can host much of the wedding reception, from the aperitif to the banquet, from cutting the cake to the confetti, with the possibility of setting up themed corners, multi-sensory itineraries, show cooking, food trucks, original formulas such as brunch and picnics on the grass. The menus, created by the most renowned banqueting companies in Lazio, may include local and regional specialities, seasonal dishes made with farm-to-table products, vegetarian and vegan proposals, reinterpretations in a fusion key and recipes from the world. A true immersion in taste, which will be complemented by the work of the best pastry chefs and cake designers.

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