Getting married in 2023: we still have a few dates available for spring and early summer

The spring and summer months are the most popular for couples of future brides and grooms and, as a rule, one must book lavishly in advance. However, those who wish to get married in 2023 and have not yet set a date, at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi can still target weekends in March and April or some weekdays in May, June and early July. A strategic choice that, in addition to avoiding the stress of exhausting preparations and long waits, can have several advantages and certainly will not disappoint the expectations of the guests.

The versatility of the facility, which is always granted on an exclusive basis, makes it possible to organise even midweek or low-season weddings, without sacrificing the magic of an unforgettable event, taken care of down to the smallest detail. On mild days the lush green areas can host the main stages of the wedding: from the authentic civil ceremony on site, to the aperitif in the garden; from the cutting of the cake, to the dessert buffet. With the option of moving the entire event indoors in case of bad weather. In fact, the spacious rooms with fireplaces, when the weather is still harsh or uncertain, lend themselves to hosting both grand receptions and more intimate and intimate events. Those who decide to get married from Monday to Thursday, in addition to benefiting from increased availability from our partners and suppliers, can take advantage of an attractive reduction on the price list. A benefit not to be underestimated, which does not affect the charm of the wedding in the least.  

Spring: a triumph of colours

In spring, the awakening of nature offers a kaleidoscope of colours, from which one can draw to create sophisticated and colourful arrangements. Wedding palettes favour pastel shades such as powder pink, nude and peach, to be combined with the various shades of white and green, which are very trendy in natural chic and eco-chic weddings. Those who love harmonies of contrasts can opt for hints of light blue, yellow, orange, purple and deep pink, to be paired with light and immaculate fabrics.

The menus, created by the best catering companies in the area, can include traditional dishes, innovative recipes, vegetarian or vegan proposals, made with seasonal farm to table products. The beautiful English gardens surrounding our historic home, when the weather permits, also lend themselves to hosting reinforced aperitifs, original brunches and picnics on the grass.

Early days of summer: gold and emerald green

Between the end of June and early July, the Vigna Grande Estate lights up with an even more vivid light, providing intense and brilliant hues. The gold of the wheat field harmonises with the emerald tones of the vegetation, the pristine turquoise of the sky and the shimmering waters of Lake Bracciano, creating breathtaking scenery.

Summer is ideal for outdoor evening receptions, to be set up with long imperial tables or elegant circular tables nestled among the foliage of centuries-old trees. The naturalistic setting allows you to play with different styles: from country chic to shabby chic; from boho chic to total white, always current and trendy. Floral arrangements, depending on the chosen theme, can range from the pure white of daisies to the polychromos of wildflowers, with touches of deep blue, poppy red and saffron yellow. Menus are enriched with typical summer flavours, vegetable dishes and seafood recipes, recalling the scents of the sea and the cheerful tones of the warm season. The aperitif can be set up with multisensory experiences, thematic corners, original formulas such as show cooking and food trucks.

Getting married in 2023 at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi

If you have decided to get married in spring or early summer, contact us now to visit Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: phone 06.9988152 – mobile 347.0330807. We still have a handful of dates available! Our location manager, Ylenia Incecchi, will explain a wide range of options and help you choose from our best partners: wedding planners, floral designers, banqueting companies, musicians, DJs, photographers, videomakers, etc. You can have the wedding of your dreams, taken care of in every single detail, by choosing one of the first weekends of spring or taking advantage of the benefits provided for midweek days, without worries and without experiencing the stress of a long wait!

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