2023 Weddings: planning your own wedding in a few months by choosing the magic of autumn or winter

Do you dream of getting married in 2023? It’s not too late! By setting your sights on autumn or winter, thanks to the experience and skill of our professionals, you will be able to plan your wedding in just a few months, without sacrificing the charm of a memorable, original event with attention to every single detail. While it is true, in fact, that to get married in spring and summer you need to set the date at least a year in advance, the period from October to February offers more flexibility. Also not to be disregarded are the organisational advantages of the “off-season” wedding and the attractive economic benefits for couples who choose midweek days.

As you know, however, time is running out and there are very few dates still available. So, let’s start the virtual tour of the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi now!

The ideal location for those who choose the autumn/winter season.

Nestled in an evocative naturalistic setting, the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi offers corners of rare beauty all year round. In autumn, the foliage of centuries-old trees is tinged with iridescent hues, perfect to enrich wedding palettes: yellow ochre, orange, purple, burgundy, deep brown. During winter, the immaculately tended English gardens provide an enchanted atmosphere, enhanced by the scarlet berries of Cotoneasters. The versatility of the indoor and outdoor spaces allows for grand receptions as well as intimate, intimate events. On warm days, it is possible to set some wedding highlights outdoors (from the civil ceremony, to the aperitif in the garden; from the sugared almonds, to the cutting of the cake), with the possibility of moving the event inside in case of bad weather. The elegant halls of the historic mansion, brightened by the flames of the fireplaces, provide maximum comfort even when the weather is particularly harsh.

The opportunity to celebrate the authentic civil ceremony directly on site avoids costly travel, allowing the bride and groom and their guests to spend the day in total relaxation, cradled by a pleasant warmth. For couples who choose a religious ceremony, in any case, the area offers enchanting options just a short distance from the estate, including the Cathedral of Santo Stefano and the Church of Santa Maria del Riposo. This small 16th-century gem, just 2 miles from the Scuderie, has a splendid view of Lake Bracciano and is booked directly by the estate, which has an established relationship with the parish priest and the Forum Clodii cultural association.

Themes, arrangements and menus

The cold season gives countless ideas for a theme wedding, which is entirely declined according to the tastes and desires of the bride and groom. Arrangements can dress up the hues of the autumn vegetation, reflecting the fairy-tale atmosphere of winter gardens or welcoming the glittering tones of festive days. To achieve a harmonious result, the chosen theme and colours must be reflected in every single detail: from the graphic coordination, to the floral decorations; from the mise en place to the cake design.

Among the shades in vogue this year is Viva Magenta, voted Pantone Color of 2023. Midway between burgundy and carmine red, it pairs well with the warm tones of autumn and is ideal in contrast to white, gold and the cool tones of winter. Trend styles enhance respect and love for nature. In addition to eco-chic, minimal and sustainable, the stars of 2023 are boho chic, shabby chic, and cottagecore, which are romantic and aesthetically appealing. The colours and scents of the earth are also reflected in menus, which may include seasonal farm-to-table products, soups, polenta, mushroom and chestnut recipes.

Planning the wedding in a few months without neglecting any details

The versatility of our facility makes it possible to plan each stage of the wedding with the utmost care, taking into account the weather, the wishes and the specific needs of the couple. Our location manager, Ylenia Incecchi, welcomes the future bride and groom from the very first meeting, accompanies and advises them at every stage of planning, in order to create a “tailor-made” event that ensures maximum comfort even in the harshest days of the year. Booking the location less in advance allows the bride and groom-to-be to experience the preparation phase with total enthusiasm, avoiding the stress of a long wait. Our partners and suppliers, who are less busy in the fall and winter, can more freely dispose of the facility, which is granted on an exclusive basis both on weekends and midweek days, when the couple can benefit from attractive economic benefits.

Contact us now to visit Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: phone 069988152 – mobile 3470330807. We will show you all the possible options and guide you in choosing our best partners (wedding planners, floral designers, catering companies, DJs, musicians, photographers, videomakers, etc.), to create an unforgettable fall or winter wedding in a few months.

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