The scent of a wedding: the importance of floral design

With their versatility, infinite shades and unquestionable beauty, flowers embellish any wedding. Floral design is a skillful art that, starting from the analysis of the location, carefully chooses the elements to be used in the compositions, taking into account seasonality, colour combinations, theme and style chosen by the bride and groom-to-be.

Immersed in an enchanting natural setting, the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi offers corners of rare beauty in every season of the year. Creativity, experience and continuous training make our flower designers true masters, who take care of the wedding setting in every detail. Starting with the bride’s bouquet, the flowers describe with their secret language the mood of the event, declining it in different forms: decorations for the ceremony, ornaments for the guests’ seats, frames for the tableau de mariage, centrepieces, place cards, arrangements for the thematic corners; decorations for the wedding cake, the dessert buffet and the sugared almond reception.

Spring in natural chic style: between pastel shades and bright contrasts

Our location offers the ideal inspiration for shabby chic, rustic chic and eco-chic style arrangements that blend nature and elegance. In spring, floral design draws from the colours of wild blooms, which dot our manicured English gardens. Wedding palettes favour pastel tones, such as lilac, light yellow, soft pink and baby blue, which allow for harmonious contrasts with the emerald tones of the vegetation.

For those who love declinations of natural chic, our flower designers can create original glass arrangements, elaborate garlands or suspended floral arrangements that are particularly striking and trendy. Roses in delicate shades, such as peach and powder pink, are perfect for weaving wedding arches or erecting sophisticated installations that can accentuate the solemn character of the authentic outdoor civil ceremony. Peonies, hydrangeas and tulips, paired with optical white, make it possible to ignite intriguing colour contrasts. For a total white effect, with a classic or contemporary flavour, choose instead immaculate tulips, freesias or white calla lilies, to be enlivened with abundant foliage.

Summer wind: from white to gaudy tones

The purity of white also returns in summer, a time when arrangements favour essential lines, transparencies and curvy curtains. The gold of the wheat field, the bright green of the vegetation and the deep blue of Lake Bracciano provide the backdrop for outdoor receptions, creating a perfect continuity with the creations of the flower designers. Roses, dahlias and orchids can be used to enhance the romantic mood, perfect for scenic arrangements and “cascading” decorations. The mise en place can be enriched with fine details, such as china, candelabras and crystals.

For country chic weddings, sophisticated arrangements can be created with aromatic plants, spikes, lavender sprigs and wildflowers: poppies, sunflowers, cornflowers, chamomile flowers. Craspedia, to be combined with succulents and fleshy leaves, can add a sunny touch to arrangements in a rustic chic theme. Those who love shabby chic can go for lilies of the valley or daisies, illuminating glass arrangements with the vibrant light of candles.

Her majesty the Rose: a romantic touch even in autumn and winter

The rose, queen of May, remains the undisputed star even in the cold months. Some varieties bloom even in autumn, with shades reminiscent of the iridescent foliage of the centuries-old trees that surround our Estate: orange, dark red, deep yellow. The purple tones of autumn leaves can also be evoked by using celosia and amaranthus, with their characteristic elongated shape, ideal for hanging arrangements.

Winter prefers scarlet roses, muted-hued varieties or snow-white specimens. To recreate the enchanted atmosphere of winter gardens, white roses can be combined with shrubs, hypericum berries and cineraria leaves, with a jagged edge and silvery hues. Winter bouquets can also be enriched with seasonal flowers, such as buttercups, thistles and anemones, which feature hues in keeping with the cold season, such as light blue and mauve. White anemones, with their characteristic black pistil, give the winter wedding a contemporary mood. Particularly scenic, they can be paired with silver brunia berries, burgundy roses or delicate shades.  


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