Getting married in December: wonder, enchantment and festive atmosphere

Have you decided to get married? Why wait until 2024? Getting married in December, a month full of charm and festivities, may be the ideal choice for couples who wish to organise a sophisticated and unconventional wedding, without having to deal with long and exhausting preparations.

Our historic mansion, able to offer full comfort even in the chilliest days of the year, with the arrival of the cold season is cloaked in a fairy-tale aura, amplified by the skill of the best wedding planners and flower designers. The versatility of indoor and outdoor spaces makes it possible to plan each stage of the wedding with the utmost care, taking into account the climate and the couple’s wishes.

Theme wedding: celebrating the end of autumn to delve into the magic of winter

December’s unparalleled light allows for indelible images to be fixed, amplified by the beauty of themed arrangements. In the early days of the month, the forest surrounding the Vigna Grande Estate still glows with the iridescent tones of autumn vegetation (yellow ochre, rust, bronze, purple, burgundy), perfect for creating vivid colour contrasts.

As winter approaches, the English gardens offer enchanted views, rekindled by the scarlet berries of Cotoneasters and the sparkle of Lake Bracciano. At this time of year, wedding palettes can focus on wraparound Holiday tones, total white or cool tones such as ivory and powder blue. Floral design favours scenic arrangements, to be woven with fir twigs, hypericum berries or cineraria leaves, whose silvery hues recall the dormant vegetation of snowy gardens. To create an evocative winter tale, you can opt for pure white or play with typical Christmas hues, such as forest green, ruby red and gold. Long imperial tables, to be embellished with candelabras, crystals and china, will make it possible to recreate the atmosphere of ancient aristocratic residences, while an imposing fir tree can become the centrepiece of the sugared almond reception or welcome small gifts for guests. Menus, designed by the best catering companies in the area, will be able to include winter dishes, such as soups and polenta, seasonal farm-to-table products and traditional desserts. The spacious and elegant halls, enlivened by the dancing flames of the fireplaces, will give the reception an intimate and poetic dimension, perfect for creating relaxing corners in which to enjoy aromatic teas, herbal teas, hot chocolate and mulled wine.

December 2023 at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi

Getting married in December at Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi is an original and impressive choice that has several organisational advantages. Our partners and suppliers, who are less busy than in the spring and summer months, can more freely take advantage of the facility, which is granted exclusively on both weekdays and weekends. For couples who choose midweek dates, there are also attractive economic benefits.

The possibility of celebrating the authentic civil ceremony directly on site or, booking through the facility, one of the beautiful local churches, including the striking Santa Maria del Riposo, makes it the ideal location for gathering friends and relatives around the Holidays. Avoiding costly travel, in fact, allows the bride and groom and guests to fully enjoy every moment of the wedding. For guests wishing to stay several days, moreover, the Bracciano area offers a shortlist of comfortable hotels and bed & breakfasts, ideal for exploring the beauty of the area and nearby Rome, located only an hour away.

Contact us now to visit: phone 06.9988152 – mobile 347.0330807. We still have a few dates available for December 2023!

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