Wedding 2024 trends: quality, sustainability and room for fun

Wedding 2024 trends look to natural beauty and sustainability. In the wake of the choices made during the pandemic, brides and grooms continue to prefer spacious and versatile venues that have large rooms and extensive green areas if the event is held outdoors. The desire to party drives many couples to divide the reception into two distinct moments, one dedicated to the wedding banquet, the other to fun and wild dancing.

The minimalist elegance of natural chic, declined in different forms, is contrasted with the sumptuous atmospheres of the luxury wedding, with a romantic or contemporary mood. What these two seemingly contrasting trends have in common is a focus on design and quality, which can be seen in the choice of materials and menu items, made mainly with seasonal ingredients and farm-to-table products.

Themes and colours for set-ups

The arrangements emphasise naturalistic, eco-chic and country chic themes, to be made with rustic elements and nuances that evoke the colours of the earth. “Poor” materials, such as raw wood, are combined with natural fabrics, such as jute and cotton, with a variety of colours ranging from milk white to ivory, ecru to brown. Sustainability is the main theme of the event: from the coordinated graphic designprinted on recycled paper to the menu dishes, made with seasonal raw materials and local products. The floral design alternates between understated compositions and disjointed floral arrangements, reminiscent of wild nature. Pastel shades, ideal for the spring season, include lilac, pink, teal, peach and yellow.

In luxury weddings, the buzzword is magnificence. Minimalist design gives way to arrangements overflowing with flowers and almost devoid of foliage, candelabras, china and fine table linens. The most commonly used hues are white, antique pink and gold, which enhance the transparency of crystals. Wedding stationery shows a contemporary and sophisticated taste, starting with personalised invitations, made of vellum paper, Amalfi paper or plexiglass.

The wedding dresses

The wedding dress follows the 2024 wedding trend. Practical or modular, it adapts to the different stages of the event. Those who love opulent gowns but don’t want to give up comfort can opt for a dual dress, a model with a removable overskirt, sleeves or train, which after the ceremony turns into a perfect party dress. Very much in vogue are the two-piece, trouser wedding dresses and the 1920s style, with soft fabrics that are embellished with pearls, bangs, feathers and sequins.

Curvaceous lines and lingerie dresses are alternated with sculpted models that emphasise the silhouette. Among the must-haves of the new season are jewel dresses, sparkling and studded with crystals, princess or mermaid cut. Green light to soft colours, such as light pink, pearl grey and gold. For bolder brides, some designers propose intense colours, such as purple, emerald green and even black.


2024 Weddings at Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi

Our facility, equipped with large rooms with fireplaces and evocative green areas, is the ideal solution for those who dream of a personalised event that blends versatility, elegance and sustainability, without losing sight of new trends.

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