Wedding favours: between tradition and modernity

The choice of wedding favours represents a key appointment for newlyweds. Today there are endless possibilities for making unusual wedding favours that are also functional and visually striking. Memories appreciated by guests, to be declined according to the style and theme chosen for the wedding.

A tradition that comes from afar

The custom of giving sugared almonds to celebrate anniversaries has remote origins. Almond-based sweets were already used in ancient Rome to celebrate births and weddings. The filling was coated with a mixture of honey and flour. Sugar, in fact, began to spread in the Mediterranean basin only in the first half of the 8th century by the Arabs. With the discovery of America, sugarcane cultivation spread to the New World and trade in this precious food began, and it soon became part of the European confectionery tradition. The first sugared almond factories were established in Sulmona (AQ) in the 15th century, starting a tradition that has been renewed through the centuries.

Over time the classic almond filling has been joined by a host of variations: chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, orange, strawberry, red fruit, coconut, etc. Custom dictates that each celebration is paired with a different colour candy: white for weddings, red for graduations, pink or light blue for baptisms, and silver and gold for respective wedding anniversaries. In wedding favours, the sugared almonds should be strictly odd-numbered, to emphasise the indivisibility of the union. Generally, 5 are used, symbolising happiness, long life, health, wealth and fertility.

Useful and original wedding favours

The classic bag, decorated with bows and floral motifs, is now being replaced by a plethora of variations, making the wedding favour holder a useful object, as well as a precious keepsake. Trends for the coming year favour wedding favours made with handcrafted items, such as carved candles and room scenters, naturalistic arrangements (potted plants and terrariums), fair trade favours and edible favours, made with local food and wine products (fortified wines, extra virgin olive oil, jams, jars of honey).

The individual sugared almond, packaged according to the style of the graphic coordination, can also be used as place cards, while the actual wedding favour is delivered at the end of the ceremony. For the groomsmen, generally, the bride and groom choose a special cadeau, as a sign of gratitude for having carried out a fundamental “task” of great responsibility. The groomsmen’s favours, in some cases, can be paired with fine gifts, such as a mini living room, a hand-engraved piece of jewellery or, even, the wedding gown.

The confectionery: an explosion of flavours

The pleasant aesthetics of sugared almonds make them the ideal protagonists to set up a dedicated space, to be included within the dessert buffet or in the so-called Candy Bar, a colourful sweet table to be completed with candies, marshmallows or macarons. Depending on the theme chosen, the candy bar can be enhanced with decorative objects, inlaid trays, elegant crystal containers, and flowers or candelabras. In rustic chic, shabby chic and eco-chic themed weddings, it can be set up with reclaimed materials, glass jars, baskets, small boxes made from seed paper or recycled paper.

To create more variety and cater to guests’ preferences, a self-respecting sugared almond reception should include at least 7 flavours. In addition to almond and chocolate sugared almonds, which are inevitable in the selection, bonbons filled with vanilla cream, ricotta and pear, gianduia and cream, licorice and mint, and sweet liqueurs such as rum and limoncello can be added. The colour of the lining can be white, in case of classic arrangements, or delicate pastel shades. If the setting is particularly playful or innovative, intense colours can be used, strictly in line with the wedding palette.

Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: wedding favours as an essential part of the personalised graphic coordination

Our partners, including the best wedding designers in the area, help couples-to-be realise the wedding of their dreams, taking care of every single detail. Wedding favours represent the culmination of a carefully planned journey, to be declined according to the style, season and colours chosen for the arrangements. In the personalised graphic coordination, in addition to the invitations and tableau de mariage, you can include menus and place cards in coordinated graphics, personalised wedding bags, taste markers for the confetti and dessert buffet, tags for the wedding favours and thank-you cards for the guests. To achieve a harmonious and consistent result.

Contact us to visit Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: phone 06.9988152 – mobile 347.0330807. Our location manager, Ylenia Incecchi, will show you a range of possible options and help you realise a “custom designed” wedding that fully reflects your tastes and desires.

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