Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi among the best historical residences in Lazio

Historic residences are among the most beloved locations for newlyweds. Rich in charm and tradition, they lend elegance and prestige to any type of wedding, from the most classic to the most sophisticated and contemporary.

The concept of historic mansion refers to properties over a hundred years old, operating in the event and hospitality industry. However, in order to receive the quality certification and be included in the official registers of residences of excellence, the facilities must meet specific requirements.

Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: certified excellence

“Historic home of rare beauty, elegance and simplicity […]. Manicured garden with alternating blooms throughout the year, French-style stream and 2 fountains, one of which is used as a nymphaeum. Extremely serious staff who together with the owners will advise on the best way to make the event a success” (

Dating back to the 19th century, the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi is listed in the Italian Registry of Residences of Excellence and the Roll of Historical Residences, the official archives that report Italy’s historic residences of distinction. Periodically, the Certification Commission conducts quality checks to determine which locations of historic interest stand out in the event and hospitality sector (to date, there are about 8,000 classified structures). The score is awarded according to high standards of excellence, taking into account strict parameters:


  • presence of elements of historical, artistic or cultural value;
  • quality of conservative restoration;
  • exclusivity of interior and exterior environments;
  • attention to appearance;
  • hospitality and personalization of services;
  • reputation of the facility;
  • references from accredited partners.

Each year, only 5 out of 100 facilities obtain the coveted quality certifications. On October 5, 2023, the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi confirmed its status of excellence after passing the rigorous anonymous audits conducted by the Commission.

Between tradition and modernity

The history of the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi began way back in 1696, when Prince Livio I Odescalchi purchased the duchy of Bracciano, once belonging to the Orsini family. In 1887, the duchy was inherited by Don Baldassarre Odescalchi, eldest son of Prince Livio III Odescalchi, who devoted the land to the cultivation of olive trees, vines and orchards. Fond of horses, Prince Baldassarre III Odescalchi had the Odescalchi Stables built near Lake Bracciano to breed the best specimens of the equine breed. Today, this ancient building represents the core of the historic mansion, surrounded by centuries-old woods, cultivated fields and sumptuous English gardens. The result of a careful restoration, commissioned in 1997 by Princes Federico and Margherita Odescalchi, the structure evokes all the charm of tradition, while having an extremely contemporary attitude. The balance between the past and the present attracts countless couples-to-be every year, enchanted by the magnificent view of Lake Bracciano and the corners of unspoiled nature. The lush vegetation, featuring perennials, aquatic plants and wildflowers, follows the metamorphoses of the seasons and offers an ever-changing array of colours, perfect for inspiring original themed arrangements. Among the must-haves, there is the opportunity to celebrate the authentic civil ceremony on site or to book through the facility of one of the beautiful churches in the area, to offer the bride and groom and their guests an event in complete comfort and relaxation. The possibility of exclusive use of the facility even on midweek days and during the winter months also offers organisational and economic advantages to couples who wish to have an unusual and sophisticated wedding without having to book too long in advance.

If you are looking for a unique setting for your wedding, contact us to visit one of the most evocative historical residences in Lazio. The location manager of the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, Ylenia Incecchi, will guide you to discover the sumptuous halls equipped with fireplaces and the vast green areas, which during mild days can host different stages of the event: from the authentic civil ceremony to the aperitif in the garden, from the confetti to the cutting of the cake.

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