Customised light design for weddings: enchanting lighting scenes

Trends in recent years look to sophisticated, detail-rich weddings, where no element can be left to chance. Originally, the event is a blank canvas, on which the bride and groom carve their desires. Dreams that come to life thanks to the creativity of wedding planners & event designers. Fabrics, colours and materials are combined to achieve a unique effect that fully reflects the personality and tastes of the couple. Thanks to light design, light becomes an essential part of the setting: it paints, sculpts, evokes poetic suggestions. Depending on the budget, the style chosen for the wedding, and the type of location, different props and technology can be used, ranging from light arrangements to full-fledged light shows.

Warm light to illuminate the cold season

The colder months lend themselves to the use of chiaroscuro, to be recreated with candlelight and the dancing flames of lit fireplaces. Soft lighting is, in fact, ideal for enhancing the colours of autumn, the typical hues of Christmas or the cold tones of winter.

The arrangements, rich in transparency, can include thematic corners, to be illuminated with amber tones or bright contrasts, offering a festive and contemporary touch. Crystals and candelabras, with their flicker, are perfect for embellishing elegant circular tables and long imperial tables, reminiscent of banquets in aristocratic residences. The scenic, lush floral arrangements evoke the atmosphere of an enchanted forest, to be brightened with baroque chandeliers and a shower of golden lights.

A touch of spring light

Light redefines spaces, amplifies shapes, transforms colours. When used wisely, it can shape any environment. Spring is perfect for organising events that can blend indoor and outdoor solutions, which, thanks to light design, offer continuity between indoor and outdoor areas.

Nature, overflowing with flowers, is the undisputed star of the arrangements. Rustic chic and eco-chic weddings focus on hanging floral decorations, natural materials and glass arrangements, to be illuminated with delicate touches of light or elaborate installations, highlighting pastel shades and harmonies of contrasts.

Summer and glittering nature

Summer is a magical season. So off to fairy lights, flexible wires to create luminous cascades and sparkling vaults. Locations surrounded by greenery dress up with lanterns and crystal chandeliers, which in luxury weddings help create a romantic and sophisticated mood. To enhance the different inclinations of natural chic, one can use decorative outdoor chains with a vintage effect and ball string lights, bulbs with exposed circular bulbs, which with their ochre hues light up the festive mood in outdoor spaces.

In contemporary arrangements, light design can include intense hues such as fuchsia, purple and light blue, to be combined with sculpted, linear geometric shapes.

Light tricks at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi

Accompanied by the historic mansion’s elegant halls and unspoiled nature, the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi offers glimpses of rare beauty, where natural light harmonises with the works of lighting designers. The custom light design project is studied in every detail, to highlight the milestones of the wedding and enhance its strengths. The possibility of holding the authentic civil ceremony on site, even in autumn and winter, allows light spots to be set up right from the ceremony to celebrate its value and solemnity. During warm weather, much of the event can be held outdoors. The lush English gardens and the grove of century-old maple trees offer inspiration for visually striking light projects that can make the thematic corners of the aperitif, the wedding banquet, and highlights such as the confetti and dessert buffet shine. Scenic laser effects can accompany the festive moments, to frame the live musical entertainment, the DJ set and the eventual fireworks display for the cake cutting.

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