The modern wedding cake: between taste and design

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most significant moments of the wedding, a tradition that is still indispensable for the bride and groom today. Whereas in the past, multi-tiered cakes in the classic style dominated the scene, trends for 2024 favour naked cakes and large fruit cakes, much appreciated by guests. The creativity of cake designers, true masters in the art of decoration, offers variations to suit all tastes, to match the theme, style and colours chosen for the event. Valuable works of design, packed with delicious fillings.

The origins of cake design

Cake design is a fine art that has distant origins. As early as the 17th century, confectioners used to make sumptuous cakes to conclude banquets held in noble palaces. The first real work in cake design, however, was made in 1840, on the occasion of the wedding between Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. The monumental cake, entirely covered in white icing, featured elaborate ornaments, culminating in an allegorical sculpture. The scene depicted a female figure, personification of Britain, intent on blessing the bride and groom. At the feet of the couple, portrayed in ancient Roman costumes, were a dog and two pigeons, symbols of fidelity and marital happiness.

In 1934, the English confectioner Joseph Lambeth published Method of cake decoration and practical pastries, the first manual with tips, indications and techniques for the creation of impressive and aesthetically pleasing decorated cakes. The Lambeth method (or overpiping method) is a procedure that allows a particularly sophisticated effect to be achieved. So-called Lambeth cakes, multi-tiered and with a vintage touch, are scenic cakes with lace-like embellishments made with cream and royal icing. This is the case of the Victorian wedding cake, ideal for luxury and historically inspired weddings. This intricate ‘architecture’ features sophisticated Victorian-inspired ornaments in tone-on-tone, delicate pastel shades or contrasting colours.

Trendy wedding cakes

Square or circular in shape, the naked cake is among the top trends of 2024. The first version of this unusual cake, which reveals the layers underneath, was made in 2007 by American chef Christina Tosi, co-founder of Momofuku of Milk Bar. Particularly suitable for shabby chic and rustic chic styles, this transposition of the traditional wedding cake requires great compactness and precision. Decorations, depending on theme and season, can be made with flowers, plant elements, fresh or dried fruit, and metallic flakes to give a precious sparkle.

The elegant symmetry of square wedding cakes, layered or single tiered, makes them adaptable to different styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary. Decorated with sugar paste, they can feature geometric patterns, intricate inlays or delicate floral motifs. Modern wedding cakes also include drip cakes, with their delicious and inviting appearance. This trend, which arrived a few years ago from Australia, involves a perfectly smooth base, to be decorated with dripping icing, fruit, flowers, bonbons or macaroons. Witty and colourful, cupcake wedding cakes can also be accompanied by miniature cakes identical to the main cake, to be arranged in the shape of a pyramid on a tiered cake stand. Also very original are ruffle cakes, wedding cakes with curled edges, and chalkboard cakes that can accommodate poetic phrases or simple floral decorations. Finally, lovers of nuances can opt for a marble-effect wedding cake or a watercolour wedding cake, hand-painted and with a vaguely retro charm.

Scuderie Odescalchi: the ‘sweetest’ wedding moment

At the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, the cutting of the wedding cake is the culminating phase of a carefully planned itinerary, centred on the wishes and requests expressed by the couple. During fine weather, the cake buffet and cake corner can be set up outdoors, in the splendid natural setting surrounding the historic residence. Upon request, this very important “ritual” can be emphasised by light effects, live music and evocative fireworks displays. Our cake designers, among the most skilled in the area, create authentic works of art for the bride and groom, perfectly in line with the style and theme chosen for the wedding.

Contact us to visit the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: phone 069988152 – mobile 3470330807. We will show you the options for organising an event that shows harmony and coherence in every single detail: from the customised graphic co-ordination to the wedding cake of your dreams.



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