The imperial table: a choice of style and more

The wedding banquet is the highlight of the event. No detail can be overlooked, starting with the choice of tables. The shape not only has an aesthetic impact, it also determines the type of relationship that will be established between the bride and groom and their guests. The imperial table, regal and scenic, is suitable for both luxury weddings and smaller events. As well as being imposing and refined, in fact, it allows an intimate and convivial atmosphere to be created. A careful seating arrangement will be essential, to create homogeneous groups that can interact throughout the reception.

When to go for the imperial table?

This type lends itself to both classic and contemporary arrangements, with a particular flair for natural chic. However, it is not only the style and theme of the wedding that will guide the choice, but also the type of location. A structure such as the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, which has vast halls and extensive green areas, offers indoor and outdoor solutions that are ideal for imperial tables, which require large and airy spaces. The bride and groom must, in fact, be free to move among the guests so that no one feels excluded. The tables can be arranged in long rows or in a horseshoe shape. In this case, the couple will occupy the central position, to have a full view of the room.

Spring/summer: nature sparkles with light and colour

During the warm season the imperial table can “wear” different styles: from rustic chic to shabby chic, from boho chic to eco-chic. In open-air receptions, the vegetation that surrounds our historic residence becomes an integral part of the arrangements, which favour glass arrangements, floral cascades, and lush, dishevelled bouquets.

Trends for mise en place propose a mix of transparencies, natural materials and fine details.

Spring is enriched with pastel colours and contrasting shades, inspired by wild flowers and the lush greenery of English gardens. In summer, plays of light and impalpable fabrics create a fairy-tale atmosphere, amplified by the golden glow of the wheat field and the panoramic view of Lake Bracciano. Among the must-haves offered by the structure is the possibility of setting up the dinner under the centuries-old maple trees. An enchanting space, able to give the event a truly unique character.

Autumn/winter: the magic of fireplaces

In the cold season, the imperial table warms the room, creating a pleasant festive atmosphere. Candlelight blends with the warmth of lit fireplaces, giving a poetic chiaroscuro.

In autumn, wedding palettes draw on earthy colours and the colours of iridescent leaves. In winter weddings, white, gold and red tones dominate. Candelabras, crystals and porcelain are combined with fine fabrics for a romantic and sophisticated mood. During the Christmas period, thematic corners can be set up in the vast halls, and a spectacular fir tree can become the focal point of the confetti or host small gifts for guests.

Tailor-made wedding

If you are looking for the perfect location for your wedding, contact us to visit the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi: phone 069988152mobile 3470330807. The versatility of the spaces, indoor and outdoor, will allow you to ‘shape’ your every wish.

Thanks to the advice of our location manager and impeccable organisation, you will be able to plan your event down to the smallest detail, without anxiety or stress. According to your tastes and specific needs, you can decide whether to opt for classic round tables, sumptuous imperial tables or a harmonious combination of the two. To enable your guests to find their way around the table map, our partners can create an original customised graphic design for you, including tableau de mariage and place cards. So that nothing is left to chance!



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