The bridal bouquet: a must-have accessory

The bridal bouquet has ancient origins. Already the ancient Greeks and Romans used combinations of spices and herbs to ward off spirits and wish good luck to the future spouses. In Victorian times this tradition was consolidated thanks to the spread of floriography, which studies the language of flowers and their symbolism.

Today, this prized ‘`embellishment’ is a trendy element, able to adorn the bride’s outfit with a touch of colour and originality. The compositions vary according to the seasons, in harmony with the style of the dress and the wedding theme.

The spring bouquet and the summer bouquet

In spring, pastel shades such as peach, cream, lilac and baby blue prevail. The lush and rich blooms of the season provide roses, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips, buttercups and orchids, which are seductive and ideal for elegant cascading bouquets. The graceful shapes and numerous colour variations offer ideas for romantic or natural chic bridal bouquets. In shabby chic themed weddings, bouquets can be made with gypsophila as the main feature. This delicate species, which evokes the lightness of the bridal veil, can also be used to create glass flower arrangements, which will be the leitmotif of the arrangements.

The summer calls for sunny compositions, to be declined with bright tones and vivid contrasts. The month of June still favours pastel tones and pure white, to be combined with bold shades such as golden yellow, green and orange. It’s a green light, therefore, with daisies, camomile flowers and craspedia, ideal for shabby and rustic chic weddings. For a bouquet with a vintage and vaguely exotic touch, you can choose a single protea, a species native to southern Africa, to be combined with fleshy leaves and eucalyptus twigs.  In the warmer months, bouquets can include herbs, spikes and wild flowers such as poppies and sunflowers, perfect for country chic or boho chic themed weddings. Sunflowers, a symbol of light and life, suit brides with a lively temperament who are not afraid to be noticed. They can be combined with lavender for a striking contrasting effect, delicate lilies of the valley, roses or peonies.

Autumn and winter wedding bouquets

In autumn, the changing leaves of the trees will inspire wedding bouquets. Among the favoured shades are rust, ochre and amaranth. In addition to roses, which are available in the warm tones typical of the season, arrangements can include zinnias, marigolds, amaryllis and dahlias, a symbol of affection and admiration.  Nature provides cues for superb alchemy: aromatic herbs, berries, cinnamon sticks and seasonal fruits, perfect for enhancing declinations of natural chic.

Winter favours white roses, reminiscent of the whiteness of snow, to be combined with hypericum berries, shrubs and cineraria leaves. Winter bouquets can be enriched with thistles and anemones, which have blue and violet hues. For a contemporary mood, white anemones with a black pistil can be used, to be arranged with fir twigs, pine cones and silver brunia berries. For a vaguely retro look, immaculate flowers can be combined with pearls, feathers, velvet ribbons or crystals, evoking the transparency of ice. For bright contrasts, in harmony with the warmth and joy of the festive season, the bouquet can feature beautiful burgundy roses, paired with ivory, soft pink and powder blue. 

The perfect bridal bouquet

 The round bouquet is ideal for petite or softly shaped brides, to decorate a classic, minimal chic look, a short dress or an unusual suit. The cascade bouquet is suitable for important, princely or slender dresses. The selection of flowers and accompaniments should be carefully considered, in line with the period, style and theme chosen for the wedding. More daring brides can opt for an alternative bouquet made of dried flowers, fabric or paper. Among the latest trends are the hoop bouquet, similar to a garland, the handbag bouquet and the wrist bouquet.

At the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi you will find advice and guidance on how to create the perfect bridal bouquet, in line with your tastes and the mood of the event. The type you choose can provide the inspiration for original themed compositions, to be used to emphasise the ceremony and reception, to set up evocative themed corners and to highlight the highlights of the wedding, such as the confetti and the cutting of the cake. Our excellent flower designers will be at your disposal to create the leitmotif of the entire event, using the secret language of flowers to tell your love story.

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