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Fantasy and style


Originality, color and taste are the hosts at the Odescalchi Stables, and the possibilities offered in the installations are many. Fantasy, class and style are available to guests, who will be accompanied in the choice of solutions that best reflect their tastes.
An added value

The organization of the Odescalchi Stables is distinguished by the attention to detail, which adds value to the event. This attention is guaranteed by the professionalism of the internal staff and by the choice of the best catering, decorators and flower designers.

Lights and floral choices

The play of light on the tables, the careful choice of floral elements combined with the colors of the seasons, make the environment fascinating and evocative. The elegance of white, the refinement of blue, the warmth of orange are examples of the balance that is created between colors and shapes.

Choosing tables

Shapes are also important. The choice of round, square or imperial tables gives the event a different connotation. Customers are supported in identifying the most suitable solution to ensure homogeneity and consistency of the chosen set-up.


For those who prefer a more dynamic reception, the alternative to the wedding banquet is the buffet setting, which can be either traditional or oriented towards more original and creative choices.


The traditional buffet reception includes one or more tables richly prepared and prepared with sophistication, from which guests can serve themselves or with the help of catering staff.


For those who want a different, more informal arrangement, but no less attentive to details, there are various possibilities. An example is the shabby chic style, very fashionable in recent years.

Original alternatives for outdoor receptions


For a country chic wedding reception you need a farmhouse in the countryside and the Stables are also suitable for this type of need. Many small details will make the party an intimate and romantic event. Maybe starting from the tableau de mariage eco where nature is the protagonist, with aromatic or succulent plants.
For the tables you can use a raw fabric with soft shades like jute, which evokes the colors of the earth, all enriched by rustic elements such as barrels of wine, vases, bales of hay, wild flowers, watering cans or containers of tin.
The country style usually foresees a smaller number of guests than in the traditional ceremony.


A reception as if you were in the English countryside in perfect shabby chic style. The ideal location is an open and green space, where the ``hand-made`` meets the ancient and the restored.
For the table you can choose the old wooden tables without tablecloth, but if you do not want to give up elegance there is only one fabric to use: linen! As a decoration, white petals and candles of the same colour can be put on the tables, placed to float in the water; flowers with delicate tones such as hydrangeas, roses and camellias. Pastel shades such as pink, beige, light blue, water green and white are preferred.
A fusion of styles


After shabby chic, always in great fashion, came the boho chic, vintage, hippy style, which has influences of the second half of the twentieth century and bohemian suggestions. A reception in contact with nature where there are elements that adapt to an artistic and creative theme, natural decorations, jars of coloured glass, bottles and jars to use as flower holders or hang from trees.
For the banquet you need long tables set with linen tablecloths, scattered here and there will be small objects with a vintage air, which will decorate the surrounding environment.