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Love does not go into lockdown, and although thousands of future brides and grooms this year were forced to postpone their big day, the desire to realize their dream has remained unchanged. Many couples have decided to choose functional and flexible solutions, able to assure the right quietness, without depriving the event of poetry.Not surprisingly, the latest trend concerns weddings surrounded by greenery, where venues with large outdoor spaces and spacious indoor rooms are favoured, which can ensure social distancing and compliance with safety regulations. A wise

The wedding day is without a doubt one of the most exciting days in a relationship. Each element must contribute to create that mix of elegance, originality and romance that can make the event impeccable and its memory unforgettable. For this reason each detail must be studied with care: starting with the choice of flowers.  The Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi offer an evocative natural setting, in which the compositions created by the skill of the flower designers are inserted with masterful continuity, to emphasize the solemnity of the authentic

What's the ideal time to get married? The choice may depend on many factors. Some are of a practical nature, related to the availability of the location or the need for the bride and groom to reconcile their work commitments in view of the honeymoon. In other cases, the date of the wedding can be set according to a special occasion or a period of the year that is particularly significant for the couple. Often, however, it is personal tastes and desires that make one season lean

What makes a wedding special? First, its protagonists: the bride and groom. They are the focal point around which the entire wedding planning revolves. The ceremony, the catering, the fittings, the entertainment: every detail must fully reflect their tastes and needs. Every couple has a story to tell and every story has its own unique magic. This is why the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi has a dedicated expert, the location manager Ylenia Incecchi, who follows the bride and groom in every single phase of the event, from the very

More and more couples choose a weekday date to celebrate their wedding. But what are the advantages of a midweek wedding? In a long interview, Ylenia Incecchi, location manager of Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi, tells us about it.   - How long does it usually take to organize a wedding reception? It depends on the date. If the intention is for a summer Saturday, for example, you have to block the date at least one year in advance. I repeat: at least one year in advance. - If you choose a midweek