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Classic, contemporary, informal, vintage, eco-friendly, personalised, digitalized: the proposals for wedding invitations are endless. To create a unique and original approach, however, it is important that the invitation artwork, processing and materials used are in line with the mood of the event. The choice of the font, any illustrations, the shape of the invitation and envelope, the type of paper and ink, the colour palette used-every element should be in harmony with the style and theme of the wedding. When to send out wedding invitations According to etiquette, invitations

Although trends in recent years see a certain preference for the summer period, getting married in May is still the dream of many couples. Nature is on display in all its glory, offering the perfect inspiration for planning fairy tale weddings. Wedding palettes can draw from the lush blooms of the season, ranging from shades of white to numerous shades of green; from pastel hues to bright colours such as deep pink, purple, light blue and yellow. During this period, the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi are enveloped in unparalleled

2022 has been eventful and exciting. As we look forward to kicking off the new wedding season, we want to review with you the highlights of the past year. We will do so through some of the many enthusiastic reviews of our newlyweds, whose affectionate words perfectly describe the atmosphere at Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi. An atmosphere dense with beauty, passion and attention to detail, embracing the couple like a silken thread, making them feel at home from the very first moment and guiding them every step of

December is a month full of charm and festivities, increasingly popular with couples of future brides and grooms. Taking advantage of the festive mood, one can organise an original Christmas-themed wedding, with sophisticated arrangements, relaxing corners for guests and a tasty menu inspired by tradition. The important thing is to choose an evocative location that does not fear the cold and knows how to portray all the magic of winter. The Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi offers the ideal setting for those who wish to get married at this time

The spring and summer months are the most popular for couples of future brides and grooms and, as a rule, one must book lavishly in advance. However, those who wish to get married in 2023 and have not yet set a date, at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi can still target weekends in March and April or some weekdays in May, June and early July. A strategic choice that, in addition to avoiding the stress of exhausting preparations and long waits, can have several advantages and certainly will