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Balancing tradition and innovation, weddings in 2025 nod to sustainability without sacrificing beauty and elegance. Minimal chic style and immersive experiences in nature dictate the standards for original weddings, planned to enchant guests and express authentic love, while respecting the environment. Nature in the spotlight Wedding 2025 focuses on green settings, where nature reigns supreme. The bride and groom's favourite locations are surrounded by enchanted forests and lush gardens, where they can contextualise the different stages of the event, starting with the outdoor ceremony. The bride and groom aim to

The bridal bouquet has ancient origins. Already the ancient Greeks and Romans used combinations of spices and herbs to ward off spirits and wish good luck to the future spouses. In Victorian times this tradition was consolidated thanks to the spread of floriography, which studies the language of flowers and their symbolism. Today, this prized ‘`embellishment’ is a trendy element, able to adorn the bride's outfit with a touch of colour and originality. The compositions vary according to the seasons, in harmony with the style of the dress

Wedding tourism, or rather the organisation of a wedding in a country other than one's country of residence, is a growing phenomenon. In 2023, there were 13,600 weddings between foreign couples celebrated in Italy, around 2,000 more than in the previous year. The decision to celebrate weddings on the Peninsula depends on the rich artistic and cultural heritage, the beauty and variety of the territories, which offer unparalleled attractions. Among the destinations for wedding tourism, the Eternal City cannot be left out, a privileged base for an

A wedding is not only a solemn celebration, it is also a big party. After the ceremony and reception, to prolong the magic of the wedding, a carefree after party can be organised. An informal moment that can provide the bride, groom and guests with moments of pure fun. Because a self-respecting event cannot contemplate boredom! Photo booth: the after party is coloured with amusing pictures Originally created to take passport photos to be put on documents, before the advent of selfies, photo booths were also used to take

The wedding banquet is the highlight of the event. No detail can be overlooked, starting with the choice of tables. The shape not only has an aesthetic impact, it also determines the type of relationship that will be established between the bride and groom and their guests. The imperial table, regal and scenic, is suitable for both luxury weddings and smaller events. As well as being imposing and refined, in fact, it allows an intimate and convivial atmosphere to be created. A careful seating arrangement will be