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The spring and summer months are the most popular for couples of future brides and grooms and, as a rule, one must book lavishly in advance. However, those who wish to get married in 2023 and have not yet set a date, at the Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi can still target weekends in March and April or some weekdays in May, June and early July. A strategic choice that, in addition to avoiding the stress of exhausting preparations and long waits, can have several advantages and certainly will

Our land is rich in culinary traditions, which can be the common thread around which the entire plot of the wedding reception is woven. Flavours, fragrances and colours will be in harmony with the settings and the chosen wedding theme to create a true sensory journey. You can opt for a selection of regional dishes, rely on interesting contemporary reinterpretations or draw from other cultures, but to achieve an impeccable result it is important to focus on the seasonality of the products and the quality of the

Bright colours, creativity, a green setting and sophisticated details. The new trends for wedding 2023 look at sustainability, but also celebrate the desire to escape from everyday life and the desire to dream again. Wedding 2023 draws inspiration from new fashion colours While waiting to unveil the official colour of 2023, the Pantone Colour Institute has identified the trend colours for the autumn/winter season. New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, in fact, brought a mix of relaxing and energising shades to the catwalk, offering ideas for original

Groomsmen and bridesmaids are key figures in marriage, with roots that go way back and have evolved over the centuries. Besides offering affection and emotional support to the couple, they perform essential, sometimes indispensable tasks. Indeed, the presence of witnesses is required by law, under penalty of nullity of the act. The role of bridesmaids, although only recently acquired in Italy, for many brides represents an endless source of advice and concrete support in every moment of the wedding. The wedding witnesses: how many should there be and

Far from being plain, white is an extremely versatile colour that can be used all year round. This is why the white wedding never goes out of fashion. Let us keep in mind, however, that the shade most loved by the bride and groom can have an infinite range of shades. Choosing the right shade, and reasoning about the possible combinations, is essential to create arrangements in line with the chosen theme and the season. Optical white, characterised by a high luminosity and the absence of other shades,