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In this period of apparent immobility, we cannot help but notice an extraordinary creative ferment. The multiple realities that revolve around the world of art and the events sector, one of the most affected in this difficult historical moment, have in many cases found the courage to reinvent themselves, looking for new ways and new solutions to overcome the effects of the pandemic. Some professionals have focused on training, making their experience available to users of the Internet or small groups of learners to be taught in

When planning a wedding, the location plays an essential role, as it can support or even "inspire" the choice of theme. Many couples are fascinated by rustic chic weddings, which combine rustic and sophisticated elements with stunning results. To contextualise this type of fittings and enhance their beauty, however, it is essential to choose a structure surrounded by greenery, full of bucolic suggestions, but at the same time refined and romantic. The Ancient Odescalchi Stables, surrounded by lush gardens and ancient woods, offers breathtaking scenery and enchanting views,

Organizing an event with a limited number of guests does not mean giving up the magic of the party. On the contrary, it allows you to amplify its solemnity by marking the various steps following a different rhythm, different modes of interaction, and a specific conception of the spaces. The atmosphere of familiarity, combined with the exclusivity of the small events, allows each guest to interact frequently with the other participants, fully sharing emotions and moments of joy. A party or reception with a few guests, if managed

A wedding is composed of many elements. The location, style, colors not only serve to determine the mood of the event but also to tell the story of the newlyweds, to reveal traits of their personality and character. For this reason, it is important that each choice fully reflects the tastes and desires of the couple.The inspiration shoot, or inspirational shooting, is a photo session created to provide ideas for the bride and groom and help them find the right mood for their wedding. Focused on a

Source: Francesca Ferrara of Quality Travel for Undiscovered Italy A large vineyard, gardens and three huge rooms on one floor (Room of the Bridle and Rooms of the Saddles and Carriages) surrounded by vegetation overlooking Lake Bracciano for weddings, receptions, parties and corporate events. This is The Ancient Odescalchi Stables which has its origins in 1696 with the Duchy of Bracciano and the Orsini family. Purchased by Prince Livio I Odescalchi. With Livio II it became an estate and land for agriculture and sheep farming. From 1887 under