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Receptions and parties

Beyond the imagination


The wedding ceremony at the Odescalchi Stables is a reality that goes beyond imagination, thanks to the exclusive location and impeccable organization. The internal staff will follow with punctual and discreet attention every single phase of the event, from the reception of guests, to the set up, to the catering, following the tastes and desires of the bride and groom.
An opportunity of rare beauty


In autumn and winter, the spacious halls come to life with ``winter weddings``. The welcoming atmosphere, the bright fireplaces, the refined and elegant interiors, rich in history, and the well-kept furnishings will envelop the guests in a magical and suggestive atmosphere.
In spring and summer

If the season is mild or hot, everything extends through the well-kept gardens, between the stream that crosses the estate and the ancient fountain full of water lilies, with Lake Bracciano in the background.
The colours of nature will frame this place of rare beauty.

In the halls or outdoors

The versatility of the spaces, both inside and outside, allows you to organize receptions for baptisms and communions with various layouts. Guests will be able to enjoy the green areas, rich in colours, making themselves captivated by the charm of the panorama.

Romantic outdoor civil weddings

For those who want to celebrate a ritual or a civil union outdoors in a beautiful location, the Odescalchi Stables are the ideal place. The flowering gardens throughout the year, or one of the inner rooms, are perfect settings for these celebrations.


The versatility of the interiors and exteriors of the structure allows everyone to express their creativity, creating installations that are always different.


Nothing is left to chance: carefully chosen catering, music, light effects. Everything is studied in detail to make everything perfect.


A memorable day in an unforgettable place, this is a wedding organized at the Ancient Odescalchi Stables.

Just three kilometers from the Stables


The organization of the Odescalchi Stables takes care of everything! The church can also be booked with the property. Thanks to the consolidated collaboration with the Cultural Association Forum Clodii, for couples who wish to celebrate their wedding in a refined sixteenth-century church, the Stables can book the church of Santa Maria del Riposo, just three kilometers from the structure.


Ancient Odescalchi Stables is the ideal location to organize private parties of various kinds, such as birthday parties, graduation parties, golden or silver wedding.
In spring, the gardens explode with vivid and enveloping colours, while in autumn, warm shades of rust-coloured berries and leaves become colourful. The elegant interiors and the accurate preparations, enriched by plays of lights and colors that contribute to create atmospheres always different, will give the event a unique charm.
The large spaces lend themselves to any activity. For example, to entertain children, in green areas you can install inflatable games, organize fun treasure hunts, but we do not set limits to imagination ...
Everything is taken care of in every detail, so that that day remains imprinted in the memory of both the celebrants and guests.
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For further information or to book a reception directly at our hotel, you can contact us by filling out the form on the right. Our coordinator will be happy to answer any questions you may have.